19th January 2017

Yesterday I was on a shoot with a friend and I decided to take her to one of my fav stores in London, Covent Garden ‘Sandro Paris’. My relationship with this brand is probably about 5 years old now. I remember a stylist giving me a few pieces then I discovered the collection in Selfridges first I think… From then I just kept buying stuff, sheer skirts, lace, dresses, jackets basically as much as I could afford!

What’s lovely about Sandro is they make clothes that feel expensive and tailored to fit your body almost like a glove. The collection also includes great belts, bags and boots.

Before I share some of my fav pieces from the most recent stars and stripes inspired collection I have to share what happened yesterday during our visit.

One of the sales assistants, he may have even been the manager reminded me why fashion sometimes get’s spoilt. He was quite patronising and almost decided we were not on brand so during our chat kept reminding us that ‘Sandro Paris’ was a private company that didn’t want everyone wearing them or contacting them. I felt quite offended especially as I have spent so much money over the last few year with them, plus I love the brand. The other side of me felt sad as my friend was experiencing the store for the first time and didn’t feel welcome or probably want to shop there ever again.  

Here is a brand that creates beautiful clothes for all of us to enjoy, but somehow one person who works for them can make you feel you want nothing to do with the brand ???  His pre-conceived ideas of who we were and why we were there stopped us feeling welcome.

I will continue to wear Sandro Paris and enjoy their clothes. But I would ask them to talk to the people that represent the company day to day and remind them to treat us kindly and with respect. Don’t judge people and make decisons based on snobbery or ignorance. Now for the fun part, why do I love Sandro Paris?? Well check out some of these stunning pieces below.

Love Max xxx