9th June 2016

The babes are unstoppable at the moment, they just released their new album 7/27 and are getting ready to tour the world. Last night they joined country music artist Cam to perform a medley of both their hits at the CMA!! It was nice to see the girls just singing their little butts off in killer red gowns. I have noticed that the ladies are getting stronger and more confident with their individual solo vocals.

Most girl-bands have one maybe two leads, but FH seem to now have 5 lead singers who all are determined to show off their range and presence on stage. This makes the group stronger and more versatile, Little Mix are very musch like that too now! I also find it interesting that they all have a love for edgy music and I think in time their sound is going to evolve and be less Pop and more Urban. At the moment they are a group that probably has alot of people making decisions for them or atleast influencing major ones, once these young women are more enpowered I think they will be making some more daring choices for themselves!

The fact that their personalities are so cool and different also make me like them even more. FH are not trying to be one girl in 5 bodies instead they show off their diversity and individual vibe when performing and also in recent photo-shoots. Dinah is sassy, Normani is like the quiet diva, while Lauren is Sexy, Ally super cute and Camilla a little Mariah with a big voice.