29th November 2016



Hey Babes… those that follow me on Instagram #ThisIsMax will probably of seen this post with me kinda moaning about my day. Do you ever have a day when everthing that should go smoothly doesn’t ? Then one thing leads to another and you literally think the whole world is against you. I know I sound over dramatic, but I’m a girl we are allowed to have days like this.


I wonder if being a boy means you literally don’t take half the stuff we take serious as anything. One of my besties always says Max forget it, move on and tomorrow is a new day. He makes everything feel so simple but for me in that moment I feel like hiding under my duvet and feeling sorry for myself with Oreas or Popcorn and Harry Potter.


To be honest the things that went wrong today… well it was really one major thing. It could have been avoided if I had planned better and just been on point. But as Kehlani who is performng tonight in London said recently ‘Be kind to yourself and forgive yourself for the mistakes you made yesterday and enjoy today… Well Wednesday in my case…. with today being Tuesday and being my bad day.


By the way on a separate note I wish you would all use the comment section more, it kinda was important to me to have on my blog. You all love talking to me on Twitter and IG but here we have more space and can really talk. So let me know how you are feeling below and if you have a ‘Go to cure for crap days’.

Luv Max x