14th June 2016

Nick Jonas just unleashed his new album and he is stepping it up into the world of more edgy R&B! I love that he has shared a behind the scenes vid of making ‘Last Year Was Complicated’. He talks from the heart about his career with his brothers and the tough stuff he has gone through which to be honest he has never really shown before.

I have met him several times and Nick is charming, funny and professional so It’s kinda nice to see him showing a deeper side on this vid. He has worked his ass off and deserves all the success. I think, for me after I watched him live I was sold. I feel like there is more to him as a musician to share but he is caught between the squeaky clean world of pop and the edgy cool world of urban. Now he is working with the likes of Jay Z I hope it allows him to express who he wants to be and follow his heart, f the haters!
With features including Ty Dolla $ign, Big Sean and Tove Lo, the project shows confidence and growth from Nick. He has had to get past being just seen as a Jonas brother and I think he has done it.
The latest track ‘Under You’ feat actress and all round babe Shay Mitchell! Lots of sexy scenes, flashes of ass and gyrating going on LOL!