28th January 2017


The perfect way to dress an LBD!! I have to say is with a great knit or oversized shirt! I’m very much about making a dress look chilled and not like you have tried to hard. Sometimes you see girls in these tight bodycon style dresses, a stilletto heel and big hair. It looks so OTT and sometimes kinda tacky, defo not a look I’m into……… I do love big hair though!!

I teamed up this fitted sleevless black dress, which if I’m honest came as an under dress for a sheer lace dress with an oversized great shirt by Dr Martens. It totally reinvents the dress making it both sexy and cool in an effortless way!

Also that shirt has been in my wardrobe for over 2 years and really hasn’t been worn more then 2 times…. I bet you are the same as me and have a ton of stuff that you have totally forgot about in your wardrobe??? Go check and let me know what gems you find in the comment section below! I say restyle the piece and rock it girls!


By the way one of my mates convinced me to get a Depop account recently, basically it’s like instagram but for selling stuff for those of you that haven’t herad of it. I have put a few dresses on there that literally are brand new and gorgeous, check them out on my page #ThisIsMaxOnline

Love Max  x

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