27th October 2016

Alexa Chung has a great sense of personal style and adores fashion, so the fact she is getting ready to unleash her second collection with M&S should be no shock. It’s out to buy November 1st and is called  ‘Archive By Alexa’.

“I wanted to make a tuxedo, I wanted 1970s disco, Studio 54. Fabric-wise, I thought it could be a bit more shiny, synthetic, but in a good way.  Slinkier and more sexy edge.”

After checking it out I really like it. It’s packed with cool blazers, dresses, trouser suits, blouses and cute comfortable footwear. I also feel everything in the collection is very accessible and can be teamed up with so many different pieces we all have in our current wardrobe. All of the 27 pieces are named after streets in Leeds where Marks & Spencer was established in 1884.



This dress would look great with an oversized denim, knit or leather. This blouse could be rocked with a skinny jeans or a great skirt. The prices vary with dressess around £5o and blouses around £40 although there are more expensive pieces like a suit jacket around £100 mark. Have a sneaky look at the collection below and let me know what your fav piece is?