11th February 2017

When one of your fav fashion bloggers finally shares how she does her make-up and looks so naturally stunning, you have to blog about it! Meet Negin Mirsaleh, she is Dutch and a total babe. Away from being stunning, she loves fashion and has a real eye for style and how she presents it. I’m late to the Negin party, she has beein killing it for years and genuinly seems sweet and super cool. Here is a passionate and very focused woman that has created her own online army and become one of the most influential ladies in BlogWorld with the help from her boy-friend.

negin 1 negin 6

She recently started a Youtube channel and I’m hooked. I love the way she shares her life but not in a typical big brother way, more artistic and light hearted.  It’s so refreshing with so many girls online faking it and trying to famous, it’s so nice to see someone authetic. I find her more relatable as she has this fun personality and although loves fashion she is more then a clothes horse. Negin having that tomboy vibe also makes me a fan as I’m a part of that world!

This week she uploaded her first make-up tutorial and I liked how honest she was with it. Sometimes when people say ‘I have no make-up on’ you know that’s not true, but in Negin’s case I think it was. She is naturally beautiful and has hair like a mermaid but she was happy to share her dark circles under her eyes, which I suffer from to. I’m getting better at doing my make-up but still haven’t mastered the whole contour thing and full face look. I’m more natural and tend to play it safe, so seeing girls I love sharing their tips is so needed and amazing!

boots 2

Anyway Negin you rock and are georgous with or without make-up, keep killing it. Get to know the hair Queen here and appreciate another womans beauty and journey.