Parallel universes and exploding stars….

7th March 2019

Carol is not afraid to share a thought-provoking, intense, unapologetic look at how complicated people can be.

British Director Carol Morley has adapted Martin Amis’s 1997 novel Night Train.
She has cast the brilliant Patricia Clarkson in the lead as a New Orleans Cop investigating a mysterious murder. We were so disappointed to learn that this is Patricia’s first leading role in many years… Why?? Because she is a woman of a certain age? Yes, a load of crap and something that has to change. Men get older but seem to continue to thrive on the big screen, Tom Cruise, George Clooney, Denzel Washington, Samuel L Jackson and Liam Neeson, just a few names of many that come to mind!

Patricia plays Mike Hoolihan a troubled recovering alcoholic with a deep insight into solving murders. She seems to however be constantly battling between her stable, clear thinking side with the slightly out of control one.

Set in beautiful New Orleans with a great supporting cast including James Cann, Mamie Gummer and the awesome Jacki Weaver the film is a mystery in more ways than one. The Director has intertwined so many different layers that you will leave feeling bewildered and deep in thought. How does science align with us and what do we believe???  Eventually when it’s all said and done, what’s next? Parallel universes and exploding stars perhaps.

Mental Health, Sadness, Addiction, Love, Sacrifice, Loyalty …. There are so many interesting conversations that will come after watching this movie.

It’s out Friday 29 March in the UK