11th September 2018

NYFW is in full swing between girl-fights, the Hadid sisters takeover and the highly anticipated Rihanna Fenty Savage closing show it’s got me hooked!

The whole month of September is dedicated to Fashion, with 4 amazing cities playing host ( NY, Milan, Paris, London)

I adore this time of year and spend hours looking through all the new collections and inspo for the seasons ahead of us. London Fashion Week has made a bold and well needed statement by saying they will have no fur in any shows this year. Such great news hope it will influence the rest of the world to follow.

Also I have noticed there is a lot more attention on sustainable garmets with Stella McCartney and Vivienne Westwood being the mothers of this movement. 

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Chromat known for their Swim, Sport, Lingerie daring collections made me stop and smile.

Designer Becca McCharen-Tran again much like last year made a statement with models wearing sample size slogan T-shirts that obviously didn’t fit. She highlights ones again how out of touch the Fashion industry is most of the time when it comes to creating clothes and the size they have in their minds. In the U.S alone there are over 60% women that are above a size 14, need I say anymore…

Jermey Scott used his show as an opportunity to protest against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh ( a total bigot) wearing a T-shirt with the words “Tell Your Senator No on Kavanaugh”.

Words like “Resist,” “Riot” and “Peace” were all over the rest of the collection to feed his message on the runway. Good for him, caring enough to take the chance to stick up for women’s rights and the LGBT community.


Model Kai Gerger might only just be 17-years but boy does she make a powerful and striking impact in every show she is apart of, so stunning.

She has recently dropped her debut capsule collection with iconic designer Karl Lagerfeld. Packed with hoodies, crop blazers, bags, trainers and some dope bomber jackets.


Grab a cup of tea, put on a face mask and enjoy NYFW on your comfy sofa!!