17th November 2016

My recent obsession with discovering the new has re-introduced me to the world of Vintage fashion. In the past I have purchased the odd beautiful vintage blouse or dress but never really made it a regular way to shop for my wardrobe. I’m a self confessed clothes lover, BUT I’m quite picky and sure of brands and styles I like and that suit me. That’s why Vintage is just what I need, all the rules are thrown out the window. I’m trying on white lace gowns to the floor, print dresses with ruffles on the sleeves and I’m loving it. Don’t be afraid of Vintage look at the beautiful pieces as a bit of amazing history that you can restyle and give a whole new vibe to.

v2 v3

In most areas we live there is a Vintage store, you probably walk past it every day and don’t venture in. There are also great places like Spiterfields and Portobello in London that you will be spoilt for choice. Have fun and try out Vintage, honestly it’s the best thing I have done recently.


I found the most stunning velvet chocolate brown trouser suit that looks like nobody has ever worn it for £65?? What a bargain and how great does it look?? Check out my recent Vintage shop vid above and I hope it inspires you. By the way don’t forget to have fun with fashion, the only rules we have are the ones we put on ourselves!!!

Love Max x