25th February 2017


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So I have spent the last 5 days with no meat, chicken, fish or eggs in my system! Well almost…. day 5 was today and I failed due to a lack of other things to eat in fridge ( need to go shopping more) I had a chicken sandwich.

But why?? I hear you ask……Well let me explain one of my friends Sarah has chosen to become a vegan recently, it wasn’t just to lose weight but also to get healthy and feel better.

Sarah watched ‘Food Choices’ ( trailer below) a documentary about the food we eat and where it comes from. It delves into health issues and researches the truth behind things like ‘low carbs, high protein diet. Also how the demand for what we eat is affecting climate change, our land and water. This was a big factor in why she made such a radical change in her eating.

Being a friend she sent me the link and insisted I watched it. I could of ignored it and thought I would rather not know and continue living in my perfect food haven but I didn’t. I was shocked, interested and found it very educational showing me where some of our food comes from and how in most cases unless it’s from a farm and you know exactly how the chicken or animals are looked after the condition they are kept in it can be very bad. All before it eventually hits the shelves in our supermarkets and than our plates at home.


Now I’m not saying everything is fact and you should double check or even triple check what you hear and read. But I will say this, I don’t really think about what I put in my shopping trolly in the sense if its lean meat, chicken and fish and says low fat etc I accept it and think it’s the best option in the supermarket. Do I read every ingredient ? No. do I really know the differences between ‘Free Range’ ‘Organic’ ‘Raised Without Antibiotics,’ ‘No Hormones’ or even ‘Natural’???

The honest answer is a little but not enough. When you go shopping do you decide by price or by what’s healthiest? My thing is that we assume if it’s available to buy it’s got to be ok right? Alcohol and cigarettes come with warning and age restriction but what about bad meat, chicken or fish?

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I feel like there is a lot of sense in plant based food and obvious reasons why it’s better for you. Yet it’s seen as something hippies do or rich people?? I wish we were all educated more about how to look after ourselves mentally and physically. This same documentary delves into how certain food types contribute to bad health and even diseases like cancer and diabetes, which totally freaked me out.

I’m not saying stop eating meat, chicken, fish and dairy all together but I would say learn about what you are putting inside you and where it comes from. You have one body so look after it as much as possible and never think it’s too late. I’m only now looking at my food choices and trying to research better ways to eat and still feel I’m getting enough protein, carbs, fibre and even fats.

Also animal cruelty is a whole other reason to check yourself sometimes the way fish especially is killed is awful. How extinct they are becoming too makes me have to think do I need to eat fish ?

I recently did a blog feature on Vegan eating and Sarah shared her food diary. Get some tips here.

So many questions and choices. Let me know how you feel about it and also if you do watch ‘Food Choices’ I would love to know if it affected you as much as me.

Love Max xxx