3rd September 2016

The new TommyxGigi collection has landed!! I previewed it a few weeks ago so most of the looks I was expecting. I think it’s strong and they have managed to incorporate Gigi’s style without compromising the Tommy Hilfiger iconic look. With sailer style warm knit jumpers, silk blouses, nautical pouch’s and high waited denim it’s a perfect collection for Autumn/Winter.

250 g2

There has been lots of debate today on Instgram and Twitter on the pricing. I’m not that shocked if I’m honest. The pieces were always going to be pricey and this wasn’t a collab with a high-street chain but instead a top model.


Having said that Gigi’s audience is mainly young girls and women and there is no way they can afford to pay £570 for a pair of leather trousers, however hot the panneling looks. I do have to say there are more reasonable pieces around the £150 – £250 range including hot leather staple bags and silk dresses. It feels like they have created the pieces with two different girls in mind. Almost the big aspirational sister who has more cash to spend and then the younger sister who wants to be like Gigi but doesn’t have the money or the age quite yet to dress like that.


Anyway I’m impressed by the Tommy+Gigi collection and think everything is wearable and quite timeless. I have picked out my 5 fav pieces check them out below and here is a link to the full collection.

35 g 160 250 g g32 g60