27th December 2016

Hi Guys!!

I hope you have had an amazing Christmas break and are getting all excited and ready for NYE! By the way are you still struggling to find the perfect outfit to party in?? Don’t sweat it I was having the same prob so made it my mission to find 10 of the hottest dresses on the highstreet and online that I promise will not break the bank. Link here let me know which is your fav, I’m in love with the Zara floor lenght floral chiffon dress.


I wanted to share a trend with you that I have loved wearing for a while and girls like Hailey Baldwin and Rihanna have also been a part of this movement! Beautiful dresses with a good spoonful of street style thrown in to edge it out. Take something that you are supposed to wear all dressed up and dress that shit right down!!


Part of the reason I love rocking this look is because it allows me to almost lose the pressure of being all prim and proper and instead feel comfortable with a hint of sexy. 


It’s all about having a ‘F it’ attitude’ and expressing yourself how you want. Fashion isn’t about rules for me it’s about my mood and feeling comfy, pretty, sexy, edgy and effortless. Don’t be afraid to try this look, it’s so easy to pull of as long as you own it!


Think sexy slip dress and team it up with an oversized sweatshirt or zipped hoodie. Or how about a beautiful dress with an amazing bomber or like me a lace to the floor gown with an oversized khaki jacket and boots. img_6982img_7158

Check out your wardrobe and try some new combos, think pretty with tomboy and you will nail it. Let me know how you get on in the comment section below babes!

Love Max x