11th February 2017

Jeremy Scott’s Fall Winter 2017/2018 has happened at NYFW! Where do I start well in true style he has done what the hell he wants with NO RULES! So much clashing and mixing of fabrics and looks. Everything has that hint of playfullness and dress up yet with a strong statement. Sequines, Faux fur, pvv, studs, zips and Michael Jackson and Elvis inspired outfits that only Gigi could of made look so damn incredible.

scott 2

Love him or hate him Mr Scott is a fearless fun character in Fashion, which I think is very necessary. I’m sure there are critics that think his clothes are awful and don’t understand his vision or eye, but I have to say it’s taken me awhile and now I kinda love him. I probably wouldn’t wear half of the collection but I appreciate a creative fearless person that can express themselves the way he does. Jeremy is super flipping inspiring and lives by his rules only, if that’s isn’t dope I don’t know what is. Congrats for being a rebel and creating a totally fantasy world for you and the rest of us and reminding us clothes can be fun and make real statements and I don’t mean your class or financial status.