5th February 2017

Today has been a random interesting day….. I want to share some thoughts with you if you are having a tough time or finding it hard to achieve all you want, take a deep breath and give yourself a break.


I have spoken with a couple of mates over the last few days and we all seem to be unhappy with life and how much we are achieving. I have probably said this a load of times but stop spending all your life on Instagram and especially the ‘Explore’ page!! I don’t know a friend who doesn’t feel shitty after wasting hours, yes I said hours looking at a snapshot of what people want to share of their lives Remember that social media is just a little selective part of what people including you and I want to share with the world.


 A picture a video or a quote saying you are rocking it and look like a Victoria Secrets model becomes more important then actually experiencing real life. Imagine what you could achieve and enjoy in 2 hours that you waste behind your iphone screen. Here is some inspo…….

1 Run a long bath, listen to your fav album or playlist and chill the f out!

2 Go to the cinema with a mate and escape into something totally amazing entertaining and interesting.

3 Visit the many beautiful markets in London. I love walking around my local one in Greenwich packed with art, cool clothes and an array of food. 


4 Netflix and chill, don’t feel guilty put on your PJ’s get the girls round, or the mates and snuggle to your fav movies. You can pamper yourself, mani, pedi and hair,

gr 3

5 If you don’t fancy leaving the house or watching netflix try listening to a podcast that will teach your stuff and inspire you. I love Tony Robbins, TedTalks and have recently started to listen to Marie Forleo. There are loads about everything on iTunes and online for free. It’s the best thing I have started doing lately.


GR 10 GR 11

There are no rules to happiness and peace of mind. I will say listening to your own voice and doing stuff that makes you smile and feel happy is the way forward. Too many of us including me worry about acceptance from others, you have one life so live it to the fullest and stop watching start living!!

Love Max x