13th October 2016


As you know if you regularly visit my blog and Twitter, Snap or Gram I’m kinda obsessed with clothes almost as much as music!! Loads of you have been sending me amazing DM’s asking me for style tips, thanks babes…. glad you like my style and value my opinion!

I have made so many mistakes in the past and sure I still do sometimes. I just love reflecting my mood and personality through what I wear and how I share my passions. So you wanted a ‘Clothes Haul’, sorry I haven’t done it in the traditional way. I love people like Fleur De Force for her hauls on Youtube and girls like Negin Mirsalehi on Instagram for fashion inspiration!

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I want to bring my own twist, so my first haul whill show you how to restyle your current banging wardrobe without spending a penny!!! I’m just like most of you and love to shop especially when I need cheering up, BUT i’m going to show you how you can save a load of cash by literally having fun with the stuff you have right now in your wardrobe that you don’t make the most of it!! Not only that but how many of us have pieces that just sit there gathering dust??? Exactly time to reinvent and restyle girls and boys!! Enjoy and hopefully be inspired!

Max x