6th January 2017

There is something beautiful about walking past a lovely coffee shop or book store that always gets my attention. I literally fell in love looking through the window at Libreria in East London, while out on a shoot with a mate. As we ventured inside, wide eyed we were transfixed by the colourful pretty layout and I couldn’t resist having a nose and taking some pics to share with you.


As soon as I walked in I felt like a kid in a sweet shop, the colours, the books and mostly how the place was designed with high stunning shelves and perfectly placed books. It was welcoming and an exciting space to be in, looking around at these different books staring back at us wanting to be opened and read.

book-7 book-2

I highly recommend you visit Libreria if you live in London or are visiting anytime soon. The ladies I met there had great energy and made us feel right at home. All I needed was a cup of tea and a slice of cake… lol!

I’m planning to do #MaxEssentials in the coming weeks, this will include books I love that inspire, entertain and leave you feeling enriched in some way. Thanks to my mate Ameriie who is a total book worm she has got me hooked!

book-9 book-3 book-5 book-10 book-13 book-14