17th June 2016

So Calvin and Rihanna’s latest video is out!! They are both people I respect but this vid is a little disappointing! Come on it’s Rihanna the worlds hottest pop star… this concept could have been so much better, remember ‘We Found Love’ video?? Amazing and such a great story, this feels almost like they didn’t have much time with RiRi being on her world tour, she still looks stunning.

 DJ/Kaytranada who remixed Rihanna recently has expressed his feelings on Twitter and kinda went in. Thing is right or wrong we should all be allowed to voice our opinion but in a respectful way. Even though he didn’t call out Calvin and Rihanna it’s very obvious who he is talking about, thoughts??

By the way trolling Kaytranada isn’t a good thing, guys we all need to be a little more respectful to one another and make our points in a way that can be heard. Kinda makes me sad we can’t even debate something without bullying….


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