22nd November 2016

Bobbi Brown is a make up brand that I adore! I only got into the cosmetics in the last couple of years after a friend forced me to go to the Covent Garden store one Christmas to get a smokey eye palette custom made for me. The experience was lovely, the staff was super welcoming and it was sweet that they listened to my shows on Capital. I also love that Bobbi the creator and owner of the brand makes makeup for all of us, brown, black, white whatever your skin tone is here is a woman that has made it her mission to cater for us all!


I find make up shopping fun, addictive, expensive but sometimes awkward. The bit when they put you on a chair and wet wipe your face as you sit there bare faced feeling judged by mostly yourself on your skin condition and hoping none of the other customers notice. Aside from my insecurities Bobbi Brown is a counter that I highly recommend. I popped into one in a department store earlier today and fell in love with their new creamy blushes. I put a little on and expected it to dissapear after an hour or two with it feeling creamy but it didn’t it stayed on to my surprise!!


I’m defo going back to buy the new blush which can also be used for lips too plus a few more wish list pieces below! Check out the full collection here and try not to go nuts!!

I find Bobbi very inspiring and so cool as a  ‘go getter’ woman. She seems so lovely full of confidence and grace. Please watch her story below I found it super interesting and motivating hearing her talk about her journey. She was passionate and did everything she could to make her dream become a reality. Somehow she has managed to balance her family life with her career, she rocks! I wish I has strong amazing women like this in my life growing up.