20th October 2016

Becky Hill is a lady that deserves to blow!! I have got to know her music and her as a person a little over the last couple of years. She is a total breath of fresh air and wears her heart on her sleeve ( probably why we get on)! Becky has this incredible huge voice and is working so hard to figure out who she wants to be as a an artist.

It’s tough being in the music industry when you are an over thinker and someone who asks for opinions as it can cloud your own thoughts and confuse you if you are not quite there yet. I love this girl and the music she is currently making it totally seems authentic. I hope Becky is allowed to fully find who she is as a singer and songwriter because once she has figured it out I truly believe she will be unstoppable. Super cool, sweet and talented support Becky with the good hair and voice!!