2nd October 2016

NY, London, Milan and Paris Fashion Week are almost done!!! What an amazing beautiful time of the year to get inspired and excited for the next 6 months!! Designers, models, Vogue and fashionistas packed out the season and left me with 10 things that I wanted to share with you dolls!


1 Sheer, sheer, sheer!! Dresses, blouses, trousers, jackets it all goes!! Black is still the fav but white and pastels also huge in sheer fabric for this season. I have so much sheer already in my wardrobe which is amazing that I think I will do a blog on how to reinvent some of those staple pieces with a new twist.

2 Ruffles & buckles are huge this season. They showed up everywhere on the catwalk from Vera Wang to Burberry. Accompanied by boots that are so killer and edgy. Bulky with great heels that you can walk in with lots of hard buckles and straps with laces! So think pretty meets rock & roll baby!


3 Leather is stiil on trend, hell yes to that!!! Thanks to the likes of Saint Laurent and Versace you can do it as a two piece, dress or just as a great jacket. I’m loving the leather mini’s with a matching fitted jacket on top! I have started rocking that already. Another blog will be coming on how to rock leather on leather!!



4 Make-up wise think fresh faces and great skin. Invest in the right masks that suit your skin and start toning and moisturing and even do a weekly brush treatment! It cleans out your pores and leaves you with lovely skin. If you have sensitive skin don’t over use treatments just clean of your make up before you go to bed and drink lots of water ( I know typical but it works)

max 10

Plus I say have a make up free day every week, I do and love it!! It’s been good to be able to waer less make up lately, being a presenter means sitting next to some of the hottest ladies in the world who have the professionals make them look like dolls.

max 9

I always felt pressure to wear more but never quite knew how to and what worked for my face and skin. Now I love makeup but I also realise my skin doens’t suit everything. Try things and take pics and get opinions and you will work it out while having fun! Also I look so much better with less…..


m1 m3 m2

My tip is also visit a great make-up counter and get the right foundation, concealer and eye palette with powder to match your skin. Then all you need is a blush and lip colour and your complete. Less is defo more!




5 Oversized is still huge, whether it’s knit or just a great jacket. Don’t be afraid to go for the bigger size, remember wear it almost like you want to take it of and team it with something fitted underneath, a skinny jean or a great dress.



6 Have fun with fashion. Moschino has always been a great advocate for that a alongside British designer Henry Holland. Play with colours and clash now and then it’s a good thing!! Also try out wigs and become a character for the night, that way your own hair doens’t get ruined and you get to be a super hero for the night! 

7 Red a huge colour for this season!! Edrem made me fall in love with everything red during his show at LFW!! It’s such a strong, sexy and attention seeking colour, Balmain also turned the catwalk red! ! You know how your fav red lip colour ( Mac lady danger for me) lifts your mood and look for that day, do the same thing with your body!

8 Hair is very versatile this season. You can either have the lob ( the long bob) with texture in it to give it natural messy waves or go full on 80’s with the whole dropped out shaggy perm look. You almost want it to look little wet and like you walked out the house and had no time to dry it. All about the right products and care from your stylist!

h1 h9

lob lob-2j
9 Great news the PJ inspired trouser and shirt two piece plus the tracksuit are here to stay! Grab a couple ideally I would say go with a block colour unless you are a flamboyant person and make sure you try it on and walk around and feel comfortable and stylish in it. But girls no Uggs under please!!!! FentyXPuma, Burberry & TommyXGigi all are good for this look!






10 The final thing this months incredible FW has left me feeling is find your comfortable! Try on things and be daring sometimes you have no idea what you might discover and find suits you. I have really got into vintage store shopping lately. Learn to mix pieces you have with the old and new. Great way to save money and still look great in your own signature style.

Fashion is so important to me the clothes I choose and how I wear them reflects my personalty and mood that day! I used to hide in my clothes now I just want to feel great in my skin with my style showcasing that!