22nd March 2020

Donald surprised the world with the a new album, a selection of songs streamed on loop over on his website last week.

The songs included features from Ariana Grande and 21 Savage, alongside the incredible ‘Feels lIke Summer’ from the Guava Island soundtrack released in 2018 on Amazon Prime, which also starred Rihanna. Also under his Donald Glover name, which gives us the impression he might have finally decided to merge his music and film career under the one name.

He is known more these days for his acting (Guava Island, Atlanta, Lion King, Star Wars) than his music, but his talent is just as impactful if not more when releasing music. The album is called 03.15.20 and comes in two formats, this is a little strange but the first version runs song by song under his artist name Childish Gambino while there is a second version that runs as one long continuous play under “Donald Glover Presents.”. Songs like ‘Algorithm which we heard back in 2018, Warlords and others with this big futuristic vibe.

Talking to the New Yorker back in 2018 he opened up about life.

“Is there anything you’re bad at? “To be honest, no. Probably just people. People don’t like to be studied, or bested.” He shrugged. “I’m fine with it. I don’t really like people that much. People accept me now because I have power, but they still think, Oh, he thinks he’s the golden flower of the black community, thinks he’s so different.” He laughed. “But I am, though! I feel like Jesus. I do feel chosen

Do you look up to anyone? “I don’t see anyone out there who’s better..Maybe Elon Musk. But I don’t know yet if he’s a supervillain. Elon is working on ways for storytelling not to be the best way of spreading information. Musk’s new company, Neuralink, intends to merge human consciousness with computers, allowing us to download others’ thoughts. “It will turn us into a connected macroorganism, but it will make our individual desires seem trivial. Sometimes I get mad at him—‘You think people are insignificant!’ But we probably are at the end of the storytelling age. It’s my job to compress the last bits of information for people before it passes. The thing I imagine myself being in the future doesn’t exist yet. I wish it was just ‘Oh, I’ll be Oprah,’ or ‘I’ll be Dave Chappelle.’ But it’s not that. It’s something different and more, something involving fairness and restoring a sense of honor. Sometimes I dream of it, but how do you explain a dream where you never see your father, but you know that that’s him over your shoulder?” It was very quiet. “It’d be nice to feel less lonely.”

At age 10, “I realized, if I want to be good at P.E., I have to be good at basketball. So I went home and shot baskets in our driveway for six hours, until my mother called me in. The next day, I was good enough that you wouldn’t notice I was bad. And I realized my superpower… It sounds like I’m sucking my own dick—‘Oh, he thinks he’s great at everything,’ ” he said now, leaning forward. “But what if you had that power?”

“Everyone’s been trying to turn me into their woke bae ..But that’s not what I am. I’m fucked up, too—and that’s where the good shit comes from.”

Enjoy and turn it up loud!




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