The obsession with Kylie ….

13th August 2019

Kylie Jenner just turned 22 and boy has she lived a whole lot of life for someone so young.

The youngest sibling in the Kardashian/Jenner gang has never had it easy, with constant comparisons to her older sisters. The world has been watching her grow in front of them and change the way she looks while sharing their constant commentary.
How does she cope? What is she really like behind closed doors? Is she like the rest of us a little lost in this world and the idea of validation while wanting to be liked. Kylie has had her looks dissected since she was a child on the hit TV show ‘Keeping Up with The Kardashians’. Who is the prettiest sister, the most successful, blah blah blah? No matter how many times she succeeds with her beauty and skincare brands she always seems to be dragged down by the obsession people have about her face and body.

Yes, she has had enhancements that are obvious to see, botox, fillers, hair extensions … and god knows what else. Kylie has always denied going under the knife but admitted to having fillers. Whether we agree with her choices or not we have to learn to be a lot kinder. This is a young woman who is a mother now and has feelings like the rest of us. To call her out constantly and critique the way she looks can only make her more insecure and question the way she looks and in some way keep reinventing herself to please a bunch of people that are never really going to be happy.


We all know friends in our circles that have had nip and tucks. I know a few very successful ones that have probably had as much if not more work done then Kylie but have attributed it to exercise and healthy eating, ( hmmm yeah right )

I don’t agree with Kylie’s choices and do think she is naturally a pretty girl and didn’t need to change the way she looked. However, I understand her confusion and obsession with personal beauty. We are bombarded with images of women like Kim Kardashian ( big sis), Beyonce, Rihanna, Margot Robbie etc and get told this is what beauty looks like at its highest level. So when we look in the mirror and we neither look like Rihanna or Margot what do we do? Feel shit? Try and look like them? Get surgery, botox, fillers? Or are we in that small percentage of people that are so comfortable in their own skin that you don’t give a shit?

I have sat between wanting to look like them and finding my comfortable space in myself. Never had anything done, partially out of fear and also shame if I’m honest. I would be that person in disguise, hoping I wans’t spotted, way too much effort and money to waste for me. Also it scares me to chase perfection in a world that truly glorifies unrealistic beauty standards. Beauty is more than how you look, I don’t care how cringy that sounds, if you have an ugly personality no amount of pretty features will hide that. I have learnt over the last few years to not be so judgy on the decisions others make even if I disagree with them.

Kylie has just celebrated her birthday with her daughter, boyfriend and mum by her side. For her to open social media on her phone or go on the Daily Mail and see comments about how old and bad she looks is just simply horrible.

Saying to a 22-year-old you look old and bad is saying time to change everything all over again. I hope Kylie has good people around her and is personally in a more secure happy place and doesn’t get affected by all these demeaning cruel comments.


Let’s focus on her being a great mum, businesswomen and someone who supports other women and shares her power and fame. If we don’t change the way we look at ourselves and others, this will never be a world accepted or different types of faces and body shapes. It’s not about saying the right thing, but about doing the right thing.

Words by Max 





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