1st July 2019

 I’m not one to spill tea, but today something major has erupted online and I feel like we have to talk about it..

One of the worlds biggest pop stars Taylor Swift let it rip on her Tumblr that one of the most influential people in the music industry has brought the masters to all 6 of her classic albums.  His name is Scooter Braun ( manager to Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande).

There are so many different aspects to this situation.  Taylor was 15 years old at the time that she signed all her rights to 6 albums (before she recorded them) away to the label owned by Scott Borchetta ‘Big Machine Records’.  Read her version of what happened below.


Here is the thing he has now sold the masters from what I understand to Scooter Braun for some ridiculous amount like $300,000 million.

 Taylor has had a public feud with Scooter over the years and it’s fair to say they are not besties. She is angry, hurt and I guess just needed to unleash it out to the world. Scooter and Justin Bieber have publicly said they have no problem with Taylor and want to move on.


We have to remember we know her side, there side and then there is the truth.  It’s very difficult to think clearly when emotions are in play.

Other musicians and high profile people have decided to pick sides and share their point of view. Cara Delevingne, Halsey and Todrick all team Taylor while Justin Bieber, Demi Lovato and Ty Dolla $ign are defending Scooter.
The bigger picture that we all need to be focusing on is this, if you were so young that you have no real understanding of what you were signing regardless of parents and guardians you should be protected.  To be honest 15 is so young, and maybe all artists should stay independent till 18 and that’s when labels can sign them? Although I do feel when I was 15 I was quite focused and grown for my age, but could I have waited till I was 18 for my career to take off ?  Hell yes!

There is something quite wrong that in Taylor’s case she wrote almost every song on her last 6 albums and because of a piece of paper she signed when she was 15 she has no rights over her work.


Moving forward I think a law needs to be put in place where children who work from a young age whatever profession don’t sign contracts that will affect them as adults. They are too young to be signing their talent away and rights. Prince was a musician that I remember had “Slave” on his face during a gig to make a stance on the music industry and the big wigs taking away artists freedom. He fought to get his masters back and raise awareness to young musicians.

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Also this is bigger than just the music industry, injustice and control is taken away from creative talented people in all industries from science, fashion, medicine to film. Unlike Taylor they don’t have a huge platform or confidence to speak out. Allowing someone to have a share or own what they contribute to your company should be a basic right not something you have to fight for.

Also I truly believe when you show gratitude to people they are more loyal and will want to work with you as a team for as long as possible.

Should we all not be able to own the art we make whether that’s Taylor with her music or that guy that came up with the formula to treat an illness???

Worker bees need their honey too!!





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