guilty until proven innocent

8th June 2019

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Director Ava Duvernay has done such an incredible job, telling the story of five young boys who were arrested and charged for a crime they didn’t do.

Kevin Richardson, Antron McCray, Raymond Santana, Korey Wise, and Yusef Salaam were teenagers back in 1989 when they got arrested and bullied into confessing to a rape and attack on a female jogger in a local park.

None of the boys did the crime but at the time were incredibly frightened and being threatned by the detectives questioning them, so took the wrap. The whole time being promised they would be released once they had signed confessions. Of course that didn’t happen, they were found guilty and dubbed ‘The Central Park Five’ by the media.

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‘When They See Us’ series on Netflix tells the story from when the boys were arrested, the tough jail life they were put through to finally being released.

Imagine no evidence, no DNA, no proof, but still found GUILTY.

It’s heartbreaking, shocking and honestly, will have you in tears and angry as hell. The cast is incredible and I’m sure found it very emotional and tough filming a lot of the scenes. It reminds us how black and brown minorities especially guys get treated just because of the way they look by the law.

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Two women Linda Fairstein, Chief of the Manhattan District Attorney’s Sex Crimes Unit and Elizabeth Lederer, the lead District Attorney set these boys up and used the power they had in such an evil way. They have to be tried in court on criminal charges, both need to be locked up, instead of being given book deals and accolades.

Also how many other innocent people did these women set up ? I feel like all the cases they have been involved in the past need to be reopened.

Side note guess who wanted the death penalty for these young innocent boys at the time, that horrible man Donald bloody Trump!

Sending so much love to all the guys and to their long-suffering families. I have nothing but admiration for them for sharing their heartfelt stories in such a brave way. They never gave up and eventually the real attacker confessed and they were exonerated.



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