“Do whatever the f*ck you want!” TYLA YAWEH

28th March 2019

Meet 23-year-old Tyla Yaweh a musician from Florida in America. He has worked his ass off with years of trying to break through and get his music heard.

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Through his uploads on SoundCloud, he connected with fellow artist Post Malone. They both supported each other’s music and became mates early on. Post, as you know, went on to become this huge star in music, while Tyla continued to work on creating his sound. The guys stayed in touch and when the time was right Post signed Tyla to his new label London Ents alongside his manager Dre London.

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Tylah has dropped a ton of music and spent most of the last 12 months touring and creating a buzz. He has worked with Ty Dolla $ign, French Montana and Juice Wrld alongside dropping a dope project called “Heart Full Of Rage”.

His eclectic love for Rock and Rap makes him an exciting artist for 2019.

So when we were asked if we would like to meet up with him during his trip to London supporting Post on his sold-out tour, we, of course, said ‘hell yes’.

No entourage just a couple of people from his team in the second studio while Tyla had spent the day talking to various journalists and DJs.

We walk in after what must of felt like his 100th interview. He is however super welcoming, smiling ear to ear and dressed like a star.

M Tyla tell us about the new single ‘High Right Now?

THigh Right Now’ is about a Vegas night out. It was quite literally the last song I recorded before I even dropped a project. It was the last studio session before I went on tour. My manager called me and said ‘where you at’ I said on my way to Vegas about to have a big night.

M You have come from humble tough beginnings and at point you were even homeless right?

T Yes..I appreciate everything so much now. I could have been in jail, dead with the things I was doing. I had to serve my karma is some sort of way and I went homeless. So now everything, money. people, travelling I appreciate it all so much. I don’t take anything for granted I’m super spiritual and I had to manifest all of this and then be patient.

M You have spent several years waiting for this to happen and working on your music. Is it how you expected, now you are here?

T It’s everything I thought it would be. Watching and listening to all the other artists and seeing what they go through makes you be careful. This fame, money and lifestyle everything is not what it seems, it juts a perception. So be careful not to let your ego get you stuck in perception and pride. I’m just richer really…. but the same person. I’m rich in spirit regardless even if I didn’t have a dollar to my name, still going to feel like a millionaire.

M You are very open on Social media and so real it can be positive place to share your thoughts at times. How do you find it?

T It can be soooo negative too, that’s why I try to stay off my phone a lot. I still have to use my phone every day as people hit you up for work and business. I know there are people watching me so I’m not going to go out there and put out bad vibes, give you negative energy and make you feel depressed.

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M Post Malone has been a huge suppoter and friend to you, how is tour life?

T We always jam together, he has a beer pong room backstage. We all hang together in the jam room, if you know how to play an instrument you just come in and play with all of us. You can hop on the mic too, it’s cool. All of our rooms are close to each other, we all come and go as we please. Share our liquor and good energy. His rider is crazy though the big TV, couches and the Zen room. One day I’m going to have the all-white chill room, for peace and good energy.

M She Bad video looked like a lot of fun with your Chris brown move… Did you enjoy it?

T OMG I was tired as fuck.. But I love to dance and also do look up to Chris Brown, he is an amazing dancer man. Omarion, Michael one of the best, Janet Jackson, Justin Timberlake, Backstreet Boys, N Sync, B2k.. so many people inspire me.

M The video pays respect to MJ and you mention him in the song. It’s a tough time right now since ‘Leaving Neverland’ alot of us are conflicted. Have you watched the documentary yet?

T I’m trying to stay away from other people business and the media. I stay away from all the drama, I don’t know what to say. It’s not my business and I still love his music regardless, I don’t know what to believe, we don’t know what to believe. He’s dead and gone, so let his should rest in peace.

M Do you still perform the song on tour?

T Yes, people love the song. It’s good energy, easy to sing along to. It’s such a beautiful song with no negative energy.

M Are you concious of being watched and being careful now you are in the public eye Tyla?

T I’m careful with what I say, what I talk about around people I don’t know every single day. I just enjoy life and spread positive energy.

What can people expect musically from you?

T I’m excited about the next 20 years and what I’m going to bring. What different plaques, awards I might win and what art I wil create. I didn’t want to show everything straight away. I feel like I have thousands of songs, we work so much in the studio and create so much music. My music I feel will be here for the next 50-100 years. Totally different genres, that are new for the ears. That’s why I put my guitar in, but also added the 808’s, the trap vibe to it and my raspy rock voice on certain tracks.

M You were friends with XXXTentacion and he supported you during those early SoundCloud days. what did you learn to from him?

T I got to be there and experience those historical moments he created and I feel like I’m here to keep it going. He influenced me by …Never let anyone say no to you, do whatever the fuck you want. I got fuck the rules tattooed on my neck, just whatever you want, live life and never be in that box. Just keep creating and spread positive energy man.

Sam get’s real personal….




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