‘Maybe don’t tomorrow your life away today’

30th December 2018

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What an amazing slightly life-changing couple of weeks. Since Christmas Eve everything has been about family, friends and dare I say it… food!!
Let’s just say I have been eating what feels like enough to feed 2 people… and no I’m not pregnant just greedy and a fan of fooooood!

As we are approaching 2019 the New Year and everyone around us is displaying pics and goals of their year, which I find all a little forced and sometimes fake to be honest. It’s almost like validation ‘my year wasn’t shit I matter because look at these pics and vids… I look hot, my friends are cool, I travelled and I lived my best life.. blah blah blah…..’

I have chosen to not get caught up in these forced traditions instead I will post what I want how I want when I want.

Marie Forleo is a total Queen to me and her podcast is on repeat on my iPhone whether I’m power walking or just trying to chill the f out.

I can’t recommend it enough to you, especially if you are someone that stands out from the bunch and looks at the world in some different wonderful way. She is a certified successful entrepreneur with multiple successes including books to her name and her very own dynamic online B-School plus Oprah loves her. I can honestly say hand on heart this woman has got me through some tough times and I appreciate her as much as I do those closest to me. ( never met her by the way, but feel like I know her)

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She has empowered me to be ok with being different, independent and sometimes alone in my journey and choices. It’s meant having to get to know myself better and also be comfortable with who I am. I think this year has been so very important to get me ready to truly be my authetic self and really enjoy my life. I’m not longer scared of what people think about me or say about me. Thank fuck that’s been one of my biggest downfalls you know, living in fear of judgement from people that I really don’t care about. How insane is that….


I started the year in hospital and with a few awesome nurses, specialists and close family I fought a diagnosis and side effects that have been truly tough at times. It’s been so hard for me to share that side of me because I didn’t want to be seen as weak or not capable of killing my work. I realise how ridiculous that is, my health is the most important thing, there would be no work or personal life without it.  Getting sick was probably one of the best things that could have happened to me. Don’t get me wrong I’m not ever going to be cool with having a condition but I know this it has made me really appreciate people that love me unconditionally and not because of what I do or how I look.

Also, I have realised my passions are multiple and that’s ok… At the core, I love sharing all the things I love to move you in some way, because that’s how those things inspired me as a kid. I don’t want to spend any more time as a person who loves the culture of Entertainment with Music, Film, Fashion and Art worrying about fitting in and having a bunch of fake friends who are lost in the matrix.

Sorry, I will get back to that great thing I learnt from Marie Forleo but while I feel this open I want to get some stuff off my chest.

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Nobody is better than you or me. Just because they hold a mic, stand in front of a camera and may have millions of adoring fans, they are still flesh and blood.

We have got to stop idolising celebrities, most of them are more lost than all of us. Some of the ones that portray the most positive messages of body confidence and a desire to do more than showcase beauty and their talents actually are so desperate to be loved and adored that they are changing their faces, bodies and environments to try and make themselves believe they are who they want you to think they are.

Can you do something for me? Do I need you? What can I gain from you?
All wrong questions…

How can I help you? What can we do to support each other? And how can we grow and both be happy?

I have had to remind myself when someone says ‘no’ it’s not a reflection of me but more of them. Also let go of any form of expectation or even entitlement you feel with people especially in your work. People are fickle as hell they come and go depending on how you affect their lives.

Real relationships built through work are tested when you switch up what you are doing and also simply because you are no longer in the same places as them. So if you hold onto any you know those are real special amazing ones.

I want you to know kindness is so underated and actually could fix all the problems in the world. Ego is mostly responsible for a lot of the crap we grow through. Always check yours and start coming from a place of wanting to do good for others and not just for yourself, watch how quickly life becomes awesome.

Also, don’t waste time watching other peoples lives through their social media or Youtube channels. I have been guilty of this when I’m de-motivated and having a crap day. It’s the worse thing you can do, it kills ambition and most times you lose all that time doing dope stuff. There is a fine line between inspiration and self-harm….. think about it.

Back to Marie Forleo... So Marie suggested rather than do a checklist of what we did accomplish this year and what we didn’t … You know the beginning of 2018 we all either wrote it down, typed it or made a mental note of all the things we we were going to kill this year. You end up feeling lousy about everything you should have done and than compare it to people we don’t even know that may be playing their own smoke and mirrrors game.. You put yourself in a negative vibe before 2019 even kicks off try the ‘Marie’ way.

Think about the one thing you achieved this year that you are most proud of, in your work and personal life.

No big list just one thing in both areas. I tried this and wrote it down in my journal and honestly, it made me feel proud of myself and inspired to keep building in the New Year.

I got told back at the start of the year I would have to live with a condition that meant me taking medication every day. I have taken care of myself mentally and physically so that isn’t my reality all the time. I’m out of hospital and on less meds. I’m still working on conquering it totally but proud of myself for not accepting a diagnosis and instead fighting it.

While in my work I’m so proud of myself that I have spent more time this year DJing.  An area that I loved but haven’t been able to dedicate time or practice too. I’m such a fan of music and have this natural way of putting songs together that sound so good… I’m a sick Dj you know… lol #NoEgo. Thanks to big bro Jose for the support, you rock ( my Latin fam)!

I could say 100 things that I wish I had accomplished this year in my personal and professional life, but why?? Who does that help? Let’s focus on the great stuff.

We put so much pressure on a New Year to change everything which is never really realistic or probably even needed. We all have great things in our lives and  need to live by these words more from the amazing Cleo Wade ‘Maybe don’t tomorrow your life away today’.

If you want to lose weight? Get that job you dream of? Spend more time with your family or friends? Start today, don’t wait on a clock ticking or a tradition that has been made up by god knows who at the start of a New Year before you do something different to get closer to happiness.

I lost a friend this year and the world lost one of the dopest musicians. Malcolm ‘Mac Miller’ James McCormick. He was the happiest and at times the saddest person I knew. He was beautiful to everyone around him and reminded me all the time how amazing I was and will continue to be We all have infinite possibilities, life is not guaranteed so let’s start living it in a happy place. Not lead by fear but by love…

Happy New Year and thanks for supporting FlipYourWig this year. Without you this wouldn’t be my job and that blows my mind…. You are appreciated beauties. Thanks to Antz, Courtney, Amber, Joe newest member to the gang Loren you lot are amazing and have helped me so much on this journey! Let’s get it!

Can’t wait to start FlipYourWig Live …. shush coming soon!!
Love Max

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