19th December 2018

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Over the last three months, I have tried something new within my daily routine. Cue ‘Gold Collagen’ and their liquid supplements.

Like most of you, I’m always a little cynical and weary of brands that sell  so called ‘wonder products’ that will fix whatever problem you have overnight. The fact this company wasn’t selling a miracle cure but instead a natural more positive approach in life with scientifically tested natural products resulting in better skin, hair and nails intrigued me.

The products themselves are packed with vitamins and ingredients that nourish and rejuvenate. I specifically wanted to work on my hair, after the years of damage due to far too many colours and blowdries. I had a chat with my stylist Jess who looked over the products and gave it the thumbs up….I felt comfortable and excited to give it a go.

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I set myself a 3-month challenge to also introduce a better diet, more exercise and less stress alongside the daily ‘Gold Collagen Hairlift Liquid Hair Growth Supplement’ shots.

I found taking them very easy and convenient. They are literally 30 small beautifully packaged mini shot style bottles. I would take one in the morning after breakfast or throw one in the bag and have on the way to a screening or whatever I was up to that day. I noticed after the first month my hair looked shinier and felt healthier. My stylist also commented on it but the fact that I have been having less colour and treatments also defiantly have contributed to my hair being in a much better place.

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After 3 months of taking the Gold Collagen supplement, I honestly can say it’s totally helped my hair get a lot stronger and thicker. Taking on board the campaign #MySkinDares which accompanies the products I had that extra push to look after myself a whole lot better. The focus is around empowering yourself daily both mentally and physically. Also a reminder that beauty is more than outer but more about your inner self.

You can download the #MyskinDares challenge for free, give it a go and let me know how you get on. Beauty is so much more than great make-up and what you wear. Spend some time getting to know yourself, keep a journal and start putting yourself first. The more you take care of the inside the better your outside will feel and look.I say this all the time but I really endorse happiness, good food, exercise and great products like Gold Collagen. 

Luv Max xxx


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