3rd September 2018

I love discovering new talent, whether it’s a musician, a designer or a film maker.

So I get a lot of emails from people sharing what they are creating and wanting to connect, which is awesome. I recently recieved an email from a young fresh new artist from Atlanta in the U.S called AHMADY!

I’m that person that will always check out stuff if the email is cool, interesting and polite, which it was….

As I clicked on the link I didn’t expect what followed. I watched a mini movie with some real captivating and heartbreaking narrative. Ahmady had my attention before he had even dropped the beat and picked up the mic….

He is just starting and I feel like he has the potential to do some dope stuff. While he figures out his place in the world and what he wants to contribute in music and the wider culture. I chatted with him over email to get to know him better… Enjoy here you go.. 

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M) You describe yourself as a 17 Year old activist…tell me about that?

A) When I describe myself as an activist I think of myself as one in several different ways, not just for civil rights. I campaign and promote other social or emotional changes I really care about in the world. If I believe that something needs to be spoke about and stood up for I will go my hardest for people to understand how I feel. I felt that I was an activist around last year when I began to just speak my mind without thinking about what others believe in, I will write, speak, and always think from the heart.

M) The video for ‘What Has God Done For Us’ feels like a short film and the confidence to let it run for so long before the song drops is cool as hell and super brave, why?

A) Thanks to my videographer Christian Anderson, combining our creativity made this process flow so easily. It was amazing how it happened. We knew the basic details we wanted to add in the video but the hidden messages is what really put it all together for us. The length of the intro had a huge question mark in the editing process. We had to realize that the message was deeper than than the critique, so we decided to do it, and I’m glad we did, the intro itself has a huge message and I leave the viewers to interpret it themselves. But I’m proud that we kept the intro. We just wanted the message as strong as it could be

sport 5

Q3 Tell me about the song and why you wanted to put it out in this way ?

A) I wrote this song not even having an idea about what I was about to rap about, no topic, no nothing. The words literally just flowed out of my mouth. It was amazing how it happened. Truthfully I wrote this song outside of my perspective, I wrote it in the mind of an African American in the 1900s who questions if God is up there, considering all the oppression African Americans have gone through the past centuries. And it’s sad because I know people who think like that now. This is my debut song to put me on the game, but I have several music out. All on my SoundCloud @mindahmady ….More music soon also!!

M) The production is wavy who did you work with on the track? Is it your own team?

A)Honestly I got the beat off youtube (JoeMay Beats) the beat is a J. Cole sample off the song “Can’t Call It”. I usually get my beats from my producer in my team but this one I couldn’t pass by.

Screen Shot 2018-09-03 at 12.58.28

M) What’s your vibe musically? Can you put it in a genre?

A) I personally don’t think I have a vibe with music, it really depends on how the beat makes me feel or how I’m feeling, but my goal when I right the music is for people to feel it how I feel when a song hits my soul. I love literally everything.

M) Inspirations and any mentors?

A) My inspiration list goes on for days but Artist and people that I always look to are Travis Scott, A$AP Rocky, Joey BADA$$ For Music. Just for knowledge and wisdom I’m inspired by 2pac, XXXtentacion, and Ralph Smart. xxxtentacion inspires my music ton also.

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M) ATL is a place full of music have you connected with people in your city for support and are you looking for a deal or independent road?

A) Ofcourse, I connect with several people from Atlanta for music or business. The city is lit, I appreciate it a lot. If a label has what I’m looking for and makes me happy I’m down, if not I won’t force anything.

M) Early days for you, you’re not even 18 yet, exciting times ahead. Do you have a plan? 

A) I’m not really a man with a designated plan. I only do things that make me happy. I’m a spiritual person so I know that everything I desire I will get, and I feel like having a set plan with limit my manifestations, so I keep an open mind about the future and know it’s going to be lit no matter what.

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