22nd July 2018

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Beauty is one of those things that we are all in some way obsessed with. We buy it, research it, watch it and some of us even work in it!!

I have such a fascination with skincare which is a huge part of beauty if not the most important. Talking to one of my besties earlier Michy and she said ‘How you feel is the biggest factor with how you look’. Wow….. it got me thinking, we all see those memes right ‘Happy girls are the prettiest’….. but is it true??

I notice when people are happier they are more comfortable to try new things and not worry so much about living up to perceptions or whatever is deemed as conventionally beautiful. It’s a subject that I could talk about for hours and hours. I guess when I truly work out inner happiness, I will be my most beautiful.

In the meantime I will continue to enjoy exploring between brands, Youtube tips and my friends on all the wonderful lotions and potions there are out here in this big beautiful world we live in.

I must point out although I’m a sucker for a luxury brand I have started to realise that most make-up and good skincare has the same key ingredients and what we are paying extra for in a lot of cases is the clever marketing and dope celeb endorsed campaigns.

My example of this is I have been a Nars girl forever but recently discovered Mary Kay, which is a more mainstream brand that is a little cheaper. Now I have tried their lipsticks, eye shadow palettes, brushes, liners and blushes. I can tell you all were lovely on my skin and just as good as Nars products. That’s not to say I won’t be wearing Nars ( Queen of habit) but it has made me appreciate high-street brands like Rimmel, NO7 and Mary Kay.

Just don’t be duped into thinking more expensive better products, I really don’t believe that as being true. Prettier packaging and more money spent on getting your attention and maybe more choice in shades.

Vogue have been doing this awesome new series where celebs ( fresh faced…not sure they are not already wearing foundation tbh) share their daily make up and skincare routines. Check out a few of my favs below.

Would love to know your thoughts in the comment section below. Let me know the most you spend on make-up and skincare.

Max xxx

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  • Becca Casey

    Ok can’t believe that I’m saying this …don’t be mad max but I never wear make-up only on special occasions is it bad that I can’t be bothered to put it on every day xxx

    • Not mad very impressed tbh!! Wow your skin must be so much healthier then the rest of us lol….
      I think it’s great… makeup is fun, pretty but also a security blanket for way tooo many of us.. xxx

      • Becca Casey

        I’m not sure it’s healthier i have to be careful what I put on it as it’s very sensitive

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