17th July 2018

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I have spent most of the day blasting new artist IAMDDB’s latest project ‘Flight Mode’. She has a vibe that is cool as hell and refreshing in an industry packed of copy cats and the same ole sound. The music is soulful, unapologetic and raw. She has this saying almost like her tag at the start of most of her songs… ‘I…am DDB…Keep it G..’ which kinda sums up her personality. Hailing from beautiful Manchester IAMDDB thrives on loyalty, integrity being original and super sexy in such a natural authentic way.

Don’t get her opinionated nature and flamboyant style and online presence confused, she is lovely from what I can see but takes no crap due to life experiences. Sometimes when your public persona is tough people think you are this scary intimidating person that’s more negative than positive. I have to say after listening and watching what she has been doing for the last few years I can see she is an incredible woman that wants to contribute something awesome to the world through her music and voice. Yes she does sometimes put her foot in it and passionate people make mistakes… but who’s perfect right??

This new project is packed with simple vibey production with her sweet vocals on top. Lyrically not sugar and sweet more cocky and straight to the point.
I find her interesting and also needed in the game. Here is a 21-year-old female who expresses herself in such a raw way but delivers it in this sweet old school jazzy gorgeous manner.

She has been compared to Stefflon Don loads but honestly musically and personally the girls are total opposites. What they do have in common is a badass ‘I don’t give a damn attitude’. IAMDDB musically is more like the badgal sister of Jorja Smith or Jhene Aiko if you are stuck on comparing her to anyone. She is creating a more abstract sound and is super unique.

She sings, raps, writes and produces! In ‘Loose Change’ on the new project she sings “I’m not your Mumma”  and talks about taking charge with a man “Took you off the block” I love the way she switches the gender role and sounds like the one who wears the trousers in a relationship.

Catchy hooks, sparsey laid back beats with smooth vocals and personal style that makes me want to spend a day shopping with her! (although I could never wear what she does, her body and confidence is next level!!)

IAMDDB has this international appeal too with her diverse sound and influences. Although she is truly authentic to her British roots I can hear that Urban, Jazz, Rap, and Trap sound that the rest of the world especially the U.S will embrace.

‘Moonlight’ has me reminiscing on Erykah Badu, Guru, Bilal, Angie Stone thinking Jill Scott and all those amazing Neo-Soul/Jazz artists with roots and real emotions. The music is also soooo wavy that you can imagine getting hyped to it while you get ready or in the car with your girls. No features either which shows confidence and also really allows you to listen and appreciate her talent.
Catch a vibe with this project skips and OMG ‘Moonlight… pulllllll upppppp!!
Max x


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