Do you hide behind your clothes????

8th July 2018

This week has been packed and full of new music, dramas and me wanting to buy a whole new wardrobe!

What is it about the sun that makes you want to toss everything old out and in with the new. I had this urge to hit up up my fav highstreet store Zara and Urban Outfitters and stock up on colour, lace, sheer and pretty pieces.

This dress was a great discovery for me from Mango, don’t normally shop there, but ventured it and thank god I did.

Screen Shot 2018-07-08 at 10.19.50

It’s a size small but still that comfortable fit not too tight or revealing, time and place right? Also about your personal comfort zone I think.

I love the whole denim jean, shorts or mini skirt look with crops and bikinis and we have the weather for it now so why the hell not!!

I find fitness gear looks so hot right now but have to be honest Lycra stuck to my body in this heat is kinda a no no.

Always invest in a couple of cute dresses and look into your wardrobe for the ones you forgot about. Trust me they are in there waiting to be rediscovered and restyled. Your style is about personal expression and as I get older it’s becoming my statement on how I’m feeling too!

I think it can be an extension of your personality and attitude to life.

Look at Jaden Smith for example he has so much fun with what he wears. No rules and no boundries! God can you imagine being that fearless at 20?

Screen Shot 2018-07-08 at 09.31.20

I know I wasn’t… infact even now I think ‘god I want to wear’ that then I talk myself out of it due to lack of confidence and  a little because of what people may think.

Sidenote he just dropped his new album on Instagram!! Check out more here!

F*ck it though please yourself and love how you look in the mirror. That’s the goal I think, being happy in your skin in every way and wearing what compliments you.

Here are a few people I find super inspiring when it comes to fashion not necessarily for what they choose to wear more because they don’t give a shit. They don’t hide behind their clothes I think it’s actually part of their mood and who they feel like being in that moment. Cara Delevigne, Kehlani, Rihanna, DJ’s Simi Haze and journo Susie Bubble!

Screen Shot 2018-07-08 at 10.03.10

Although I love artists like Lady Gaga and Katy Perry for what they bring to Pop music with their style I find it’s more costumes than them being themselves. There are a lot of people that hide behind their clothes, make up and wigs. Nicki Minaj and Ariana I think do that too. But I understand it and think I used to do that although not half as creative as them with their wig games. It’s almost like feeling invincible like a superhero with that extra long ponytail or those incredibly sexy over the top boots. Also it’s a level of attention seeking but think we all like to be noticed secretly right?

Let me know how you would describe your sense of style. Are you pretty, edgy, sexy, cool or still trying to find a style. Who is your style icon??? Whose wardrobe would you love to raid?? Let’s chat in the comment section.

Max xxx



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  • ✨Chris ✨

    Hiya Max I’d smart, edgey i tend to wear lot of shirts, sporting team t shirts by brands like hugo boss tommy hillfiger and few others however going through a change for when i go to Dubai and Abu Dhabi trying to get suiltable clothing for the weather and humidity wouldn’t say i have a style icon i ant one to follow trends i wear and buy things i like and what i think is comfortable don’t like tight clothes.

    • Hey Chris how’s you? If I was you I would of celebrated that England win with new Tommy gear lol!!
      You should check out OFF WHITE … think you might like some of the tee’s and hoodies… although pricey x

      • ✨Chris ✨

        Am doing great bit tired this heat taking its toil on me lol i not seen it have been looking at tommy gear lots recently with my F1 team being sponsored by tommy but there stuff been decent so far not heard of off white will have a gander later for sure 🙂 x

        • NOOOOOOO my housemate has been moaning about the heat too!! You guys will jinx weather lol
          it’s hot though!! Guys now are so on their fashion too… think it’s so cool to change it up now and then. Plus tbf if I was a guy I would find it so much cheaper and easier to dress!

  • chloe

    Hi x

    • Hey Chloe….

    • Babe please tell me I’m not the only one that has hidden behind their oversize clothes … x

      • chloe

        Me too! I hide behind oversize clothes too x

        • It’s weird when I see girls wearing lashes, tons of make up .. hair extensions … I think god they have wayyyyy too much time… but then I also think it becomes like armour to feel confident .. pretty etc… I used to love an oversize Tee and hoodie .. x

          • chloe

            I don’t often use makeup and I love wearing oversized hoodies and tees too x

          • How are you feelin today? You got through another week gal… xxx

          • chloe

            I’m ok, not feeling well today though xx

          • Know how u feel…. but babe focus on the grattitude list and don’t give up on yourself… I have sooooo much to do today. Ton of the group dm me this morning asking to change to tonight but I can’t … we gotta focus on the positives… and can’t please everyone. So start with you

          • chloe

            Thank you, I’ll try x

          • Anne of Green Gables also sooo good netflix distraction … Who is your style icon… come on….?

          • chloe

            I don’t know, not sure if I have one that I can think of xxx

  • I love people that literally wear what they want…. and don’t necessary follow fashion, just dress how they feel … you know what I mean…

  • Guys Monday giving you a chance to WIN VIP TIX to LOVEBOX 2018!! It’s such an awesome festival line up is sick too!!

    • chloe

      I haven’t been to a festival yet, think I may be going to a few next year though x

  • Stupid thing won’t let me post line up…. aaahhh lol

  • Chris you got the right idea… my style icon omfg so tough… Luv diff people for didd reasons… Rihanna just because she is fearless, Nicole Richie has great style, Olivia Culpo, Zoe Kravitz.. there are a few lol! Also Vivienne Westwood… she is in her 70’s and such a rebel and so inspiring to me. I think Westwood was the first designer I ever purchased when I was like 18.. x

  • Guys have an amazing week… i have 100 things to do.. wish me luck… luv ya .. M xxx

    • ✨Chris ✨

      thank you Max hope you get it all done all the best… got few things to do tomorrow but am off to watch British GP love right back at ya xx

  • Becca Casey

    I am am about dresses this season and loving the button front look taken me a while to like dresses but am all over it now

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