2nd July 2018

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Brazilian superstar Anitta was live in London recently. I have heard so much about her so I had to check out the hype for myself. This lady is huge in the Latin world and is incredibly passionate about her art.
Anitta grew up in humble beginnings and through determination, hardwork and natural talent has carved a successful career in music. She has decided to now conquer the rest of the world.
So imagine you are starting almost again from 0 humility and patience is essential. With collabs under her belt with the likes of Alesso, Major Lazer, J Balvin and now Pharrell plus Rita Ora pending, Anitta has all the right ammunition to achieve her dream.
I’m a big believer that the live show says a lot about an artist especially one as hyped and popular as this hot Brazilian.
The Royal Albert Hall is as one of the most prestigious venues in London and is beautiful. Anitta sold out her debut show in the UK and unleashed a carnival in a place that has never quite seen anything like this before. An accident? No I don’t think so, I think she planned it that way with her team to let the UK know she was here and was about to kick some doors down! I can tell you the plan totally worked she killed that show!
The crowd a mix of Brazilians, Spanish, Colombians, Italians and Brits raved their assess off. Also I noticed a huge LGBT presence with everyone comfortable and free to express their sexuality and moves.
 Anitta on stage is this firecracker, sexy, energetic and mesmerising. The lady moves like Rihanna at Cropover in Barbados, authentic and totally representing her culture.
She exudes charisma and has such a good connection with her fans who were fighting to get as close to her as poss.
I noticed her nod to Brazilian Funk, which is a version of rap and is awesome. Anitta incorporates Reggaton, Latin Pop, Funk and Hip Hop in her set. I have to send a special shoutout to her incredible dancers who could go to battle with Beyonces squad.

We are living in a time of confusion right now having someone like Anitta that is all about good energy and making you party is so needed.

Also look out for a new Netflix series on her career and life coming soon! Great move via her management to once again allow more people to discover her talant and get to know her as a person. It’s called “Via Anitta” and no date yet for when it airs. From what I can see she has a dope personailty so doing something like this will only showcase her even more without compromising her integrity as a musician!

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