24th June 2018


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It’s been a tough couple of months with so much sad news in the press of people suffering from mental illness and taking their lives. It’s important to not only honour these people who felt devastated and alone but also to talk about how to deal with tough times so it never gets to that awful place for the rest of us.

I have to start by being totally honest, I suffer from anxiety and depression at times. I have done for a few years now, I didn’t even realise how bad it was or how long I had lived with it till I crashed and almost burnt out. Mine started through pressures of work and being in an unhealthy relationship. I also hate when people I love are suffering and want to rescue everyone, so when I can’t it makes me feel incredibly crap. I can’t help it I’m a bit of a hero to the rescue, I have been like that since I was a kid.

I can remember 2 of my best friends in one of the places I worked being bullied and pushed out. I felt so helpless but still took on their battles. I may not of been able to get their jobs back but I hope I helped them get back a little dignity and self love. I dislike bullies and their control over others.

It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do mental illness lives in all of us. But some control it and even get over it quicker then the rest of us. I have been researching and learning some awesome coping methods over the last year and I want to share and hopefully empower you. If one day you feel so sad and in total panic go to this list to help yourself. You are worth it and always remember that.

1 Stop and sit down comfortably somewhere and take deep slow breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth. Do this for up to 5 min. It will calm you down and help.

2 Call someone that you trust and feel safe with. Share how you are feeling and allow them to support you and meet in person if you really need them. Don’t be scared to ask. I know I do and it’s so supportive having 1 or 2 go to people that have your back.

3 Go for a walk, but before you do it. Grab your headphones and download a podcast that will help you calm down and put your attention somewhere positive. May I suggest TedTalks, Marie Forleo and SuperSoul Sunday by Oprah. If you would prefer music pick an album or playlist that makes you feel happy and brings back good memories. Really important not to scroll and be on social media so damaging to your health.


4 That leads me to social media. You have to take daily breaks from these platforms if we want to stay sane. Enjoy them like a hobbie not all the time and defo not when you feel shit. It’s been proven that social media has been responsible for a lot more mental illness in teens and people in general. Why look at everyones fake lives when things are difficult for you? Be kinder to yourself and don’t add to your feelings of negativity by putting your attention onto other people that are hiding behind their pics and vids.

5 Repeat positive affirmations to yourself out loud in the mirror daily and write them down. Put them on your bedroom wall, ( On a paper, maybe don’t write on your actual wall) on the fridge wherever you will know you will see them. It’s your mantra in life, words that sum up the way you want to feel. It will feel weird when you do it at first but it will become easier and a good habit that will result in you putting out the energy you want in your life. I do believe in what you put out is what you get back.

Example Of Affirmations

“I’m worth it.”

“I’m kind, smart, talented and an amazing person.”

“I have people that love me and that I love.”

“I have so much exciting things to look forward to in my life…..”

6 Create a list of all the things you are grateful for, from your family to your career and health. Once you see how many awesome things you have to be thankful for you will appreciate how blessed you are. It will take you out of that bad mind state and help you back into a good place.

Sometimes when you are feeling your worse you can’t see right for wrong. That’s why I say carry a diary and pen in my bag to write down my thoughts and remind myself I have a load of awesome things to be grateful for.

7 Meditate and learn Yoga. This should become a regular thing in your life. Meditation helps you focus and calm your mind. Again it’s a lot about the way you breath and being somewhere totally chilled. I often sit on my sofa like a little guru and do it for a few minutes when I feel stress coming on. Find an environment that works for you and introduce this into your life. Watch how much it helps. There are great apps that assist and Youtube channels I would recommend.



8 Join a group like this one, share your worries and passions. Listening to other people that also suffer will make you feel less alone and isolated. Opening up is where is starts. As soon as you have done that you can learn how to not only control mental illness but also how to be happier. My besties and I talk weekly about how we are feeling and support each other, it helps loads.

8 Sometimes you can leave it so long before you reach out that you feel terrible. If that is you then please go to see a doctor and take someone with you that you feel most comfortable with. You have different options that will help from medication to therapy. Now both are big decisions but depending on your vibe and what can help your mind and body to work as a team both should be considered.

I know a lot of people in therapy and it’s incredibly personal and also life changing. Your GP can refer you and get you a therapist, so don’t panic about the cost. You have to put your health first and learn about all the ways to get yourself in a healthy and happy place.

9 Working out is essential and will not only make you look good but also feel good. I know it’s tough trust me especially when you want to hide under your duvet. But forget the gym for a minute, I want you to walk for a minimum of 10min every day. Put on a pair of trainers, headphones if you need to focus on something like a great album or podcast but just get your body moving. Take a minute to enjoy the sky, the trees, birds and walk it out. Each week build up your time by adding 10 min.


10min Week 1

20min Week 2

30min Week 3

40min Week 4

As you get fitter and stronger you will feel your body going faster and feeling better. Exercise will help you with mental illness, see it as a mate not a chore that you resent doing. The gym isn’t the only way to get results and I can at times find it so intimidating on tough days. Start with the walking, a yoga class and as you start to feel better you can explore other groups like Spinning, Running, Boxing and Pilates.

10 Nourish your body and mind. Eat better and drink lots of water. This can be so hard when bad food and drink has become your therapy and escape from mental illness. But trust me when I say what you put into your body totally impacts how your body works and feels. Learn about good food choices and also why processed food is bad for you and in the long term will not only make you feel worse but stop your body from staying healthy.

Start by keeping a food diary for a week and see what you are eating. Put it into groups like Fat, Fibre, Carbs, Protein. Most of us don’t eat enough Fibre and it’s essential to our well being as are all the other groups.

We eat too much sugar and salt in most of our food and a lot of it is hidden. Imagine if you had a dog and you keep feeding it everything with coatings of salt and sugar. The dog would at some point hate natural fruit, meat, chicken, fish, veg that is cooked fresh and not full of additives while getting a number of diseases like diabetes.

The same as exercise introduce a different better way to eat slowly you can’t change everything overnight. Eliminate one bad thing out of your diet a week and put something good in it’s place. If you eat peanut butter on toast for brekkie every day change it to porridge with fruit half the week. Educate yourself and learn how the right good foods can not only make you live longer but also help you feel better mentally.

Mental illness is tough but it can be controlled and you can live a happy life. Just start working on controlling it and being kinder to yourself.

Any questions ask below, I’m happy to share my knowledge and help you. Life is beautiful so let’s make the most of it for as long as possible.

Max xxx

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  • Mornin J…. how’s you? A bit of a read hey…. x

    • Jamie Mullin

      I’m okay getting there slowly So glad we’re talking about this x

      • Me too, this week when I heard the news about Sophie Gradon, it made me super sad but also reminds me how many of us hide behind our pics, social medis and idols… etc… xx

        • Jamie Mullin

          Yeah it’s so crazy and so true how many of us do that I’ve done it myself xx

          • We all do … but let’s stop it. Post really happy pics when we feel lke it and not post when we don’t wnat to.. life goes on without flipping social media x

  • chloe

    Morning! X

    • Chloeee … how’s you? x

      • chloe

        I’m okay. Hope you are too X

        • Good thanks pretty gal… wanna share how I deal with stuff, this was difficult one to write but it’s important x

          • chloe

            I love the tips on too, they are really helpful and I’ll definately try a few X

          • Awesome babe… I was talking to one of my mates this week goin through a hard time in a relationship, she literally was letting it spoil all the other good things in her life…. she wrote her ‘things to be thakful’ list and it helped loads x

          • chloe

            It does help so much! Made me feel a lot better when I wrote my things to be thankful for list X

          • Chloe you know we can fight depression, anxiety, panic attacts, low esteem etc… most important thing is to stop and put yourself first. What’s mad is we are alway there for our friends when they need us and family but always forget about ourselves… XX

          • chloe

            I know. I’ve recently started to open up more to people and talking about it really does help me, it makes me feel so much better. I’ve started to take some time to myself on my days off and just relax and have pamper nights etc and self care is so helpful and important x

          • Whoop whoop babe xxx

    • Jamie Mullin

      Morning Chloe 🙂 x

      • chloe

        Morning X

  • Steven Mc Kenna

    Hi Max, I’ve suffered from depression and anxiety myself and everything u say here is so true! It’s part of the reason I’ve been doin this 10000 steps a day thing for nearly 6 months now!

    • Steven that’s awesome! 10000 steps a day.. exercise is helping? x

      • Steven Mc Kenna

        Big time but bein out in the country air every day can’t be a bad thing!

        • Exactly, I totally recommend everyone go out and literally enjoy the sky, grass, birds, outdoor space… We forget the beautiful stuff around us wen all we do is feel crap, compare and negative… x

          • Becca Casey

            I defiantly feel better when out in sunshine and garden or even better day out at beach x

  • Guys take a min to read my thoughts and let’s chat …. x

  • Jamie Mullin

    I suffer from anxiety too and since my grandma passed away depression I go to therapy when I can and listen to music to help me feel better

    • Sorry about your Grandma.. I started therapy recently and have to say it takes a while to find the right person to connect with, but it’s super helpful but very emotional too. How you finding it?

      • Jamie Mullin

        Yeah I’ve been to a few now but think I’ve found the right person, it’s always emotional she always breaks down my walls and makes me talk x

        • How long you been going? What get’s you down if you don’t mind me asking? x

          • Jamie Mullin

            On and off since my grandma passed in 2009 just when I think about my grandma and missing her and thinking about my ex and stuff normally sets me off x

          • You should think about going weekly even when you don’t feel bad. Therapy works best as a part of your life, the person you see can help you plan your week and how to deal with life. I think it’s a mistake that we all wait till we feel rotten. I really wish the goverement gave us all therapy from a younger age… We would be encouraged to talk more about our feelings and not bottle it all up x

          • Jamie Mullin

            Yeah that’s what I’m going to do on my day off from work, yeah that’s so true they need to take it seriously x

          • You have to empower yourself so they know… Babe put yourself first xxx

    • chloe

      I used to go to therapy too but that’s recently ended because I could only have 17 sessions and at the minute this had really affected my mental health quite badly. Music also helps me so so much X

      • Chloe, you can go back to your GP and say you need more sessions and they will do it. MIght take a few weeks to sort out but babe it’s worth it. Music is my thing too x

        • chloe

          I have been referred to a different therapist for longer term therapy so I’m currently waiting for another appointment to come but ever since my last appointment with my old therapist I’ve been really struggling x

          • It will get sorted, while you are waiting try some of the things I have suggested I knwo it works for me. Don’t wait till you are feeling shit, make soe of thes ethings like meditation, exercise, podcasts a daily thing… part of your routine .. it will help loads. Jamie has introduced juicing to her life and it’s helping right J with your confidence? x

          • chloe

            I’ll try some of the things you suggested see if they can help me whilst I wait x

          • Jamie Mullin

            Yeah it’s helping me a lot and knowing I’ve lost weight as well is helping my confidence grow so much x

          • Yeahhhh that makes me happy, when I see you juicing on my timeline it makes me smile … keep it up and watch the results xxx

          • Jamie Mullin

            Thank you so much that means a lot ❤️ You’ve helped me so much xx

      • Jamie Mullin

        Your GP should sort it for you they did it for me when I told them I needed to go back x

  • Demiiiii how’s you baybee x

    • Demi

      I’m well thank you. How are you? Just read this article. Very important to talk about x

      • Coolio… How do you deal with stuff when it get’s tough? x

        • Demi

          I find exercising really helps or going for a walk x

          • I remember you saying that… I wish you all lived near me we cold go for walks together lol

          • Becca Casey

            I would love that

  • If you do the same thing every day you will always get the same result, do you know how true that is . Guys i did 10min meditation in bed this morning rather then check messages and scroll, much better way to start the day, The link is above for the meditation app I use. It’s really good and easy to follow, but will take awhile to get your head around x

    • chloe

      I found it hard to meditate at first but I started to get used to it. I’ll definately check this app out x

      • It’s been so hard for me to make my mind chill and be present. But what I’m realising is after almost 3 months of trying today is it really helps to start my day of better. I think we all have way too much in our minds at one time and we have to learn to calm down and put things in an order.. one by one… otherwise it’s sooo overwhelming… you know what I mean… x

        • chloe

          Yeah! When I started to meditate i found that my mind kept wandering and I couldn’t focus x

          • Have you mastered it? I find this app I’m using has been the best one so far. You know you can meditate by just putting on a chiled song you like and practicing the breathing pattern. I’m learning it’s more about controling your thoughts with your breathing … almost becoming at peace x

          • chloe

            I haven’t meditated in a few weeks but I am going to start again because it does help x

        • Becca Casey

          My mind is always in overdrive and On the go

  • Chris it’s ok, you know what so many of us suffer in silence. The fact you went to to the doctors nad got help is super inspiring and aslo shows you love yourself. I know you have gone through loads and the fact you want happiness and good health is soooo dope. Depression and mental illness is out here and we have to share how to deal with it and talk about it. I highly recommend reading, listening, walking, and being around a good tribe of people . It does get better, some days can be tough and those days we make lists to cope and control it. xxx

    • ✨Chris ✨

      I do tend to get out daily anyway if its only a small walk works great to clear the mind from those negtive thoughts sometimes i keep a dairy on things too helps me

  • So I’m currently having tumeric ( seasoning that you normallyput on chicken) in my coconut milk warm right now. Why ?? I hear you ask… lol! It’s awesome for your body and if you have any conditions especially auto-immune conditions which I now have it really helps. Really start looking after your body. I watched ‘Food Choices’ on Netflix and it changed my life. Guys if you knew the crap in our food that we buy…. omfg x

  • Well it’s an interesting taste.. lol but helps a lot with your gut and health.. You can put it in juice… might be better that way x

    • Jamie Mullin

      I’ve got apple, strawberries and kiwi for today x

  • 15min left…. So I have a request?? You lot up for it???

  • I want each of us to share something we are going to do for ourselves today that we love!! Yes I’m cringe… who cares!! It’s important!! I will start I’m going to do a facial, yoga and watch a movie with my housemate with all my technology off!! Thta’s like 3 things… lol!! Now you????

    • chloe

      I’m going to go on a walk X

      • Sounds sweet Chloe.. maybe grab someone to come with you… or headphones and listen to a podcast?? xx

        • chloe

          I think I may put earphones in x

    • ✨Chris ✨

      Going to watch england game, watch the Formula 1 and whatever sport is on lol

      • haha typical boy… yesterdays match was nuts! Enjoy x

        • ✨Chris ✨

          Specially the Belgium game oh my god! My day of heavy super sunday enjoy your day and week ahead max x

    • Demi

      Love these replies ❤️

  • Yes Demi!! On this abs thing x

  • Sounds perfect!! x

  • have toast too it’s sunday lol x

  • Jamie Mullin

    Thank you for this chat I think we all needed it ❤️

    • Always thanks to you too xxx

      • Jamie Mullin

        Love you xx

  • One other tip I would love you to consider. Get a little diary and pen carry it in your bag.. Write down a list ( lil shorter then mine) with all the things you are grateful for so when you feel shit and can’t get through to your friend or whoever supports you …you can do it yourself. Trust me it helps…. and start writing down your thoughts and reading it back to see when you are being crappy to yourself and it will help you to change the way you treat yourself and how you feel. Remember you are never alone, my blog is OURS! Luv u lot!

    • ✨Chris ✨

      Great tip always used this really does work wonders!

    • Jamie Mullin

      I’m going to have to start this x

    • Demi

      I have a thankful diary. It was £1 from Wilkos and each day it says “today I am thankful for..”

      Really makes you realise we do have a LOT to be thankful for x

      • Love that Demi… sooo good!! xxx

  • Go enjoy ya Sunday and have an awesome week!!! Don’t forget to check the blog daily for new posts! Luv ya M xxx

  • Becca Casey

    Gutted I missed this chat today but definitely going to take some tips on board

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