10th June 2018

Hi Gang!!

How’s your weekend been?? I hosted one of the biggest Latin Festivals in London on Saturday La Clave!! It was so much fun also a great experience being around so many different people. I was planning to go to Parkilfe Festival in Manchester to see Lorde, NERD, Skepta and a whole gang of dope artists, but got booked to this and also meant helping a mate out.

Screen Shot 2018-06-10 at 19.50.49
salsa 3

It got me thinking how often I do new things, stuff I have never done before. I’m all for experiences and adventures these days and find fear, lazyiness and feeling uncomfortable stops me trying certain things.

Let me explain so I have always loved dancing, but… I do it secretly at home where noone can see me!!  When I’m out unless I’m tipsy which isn’t that often I’m shy and awkward.. #Cringe.

Yesterday everyone was dancing, even Salsa and I was like I wish I was this confident. Anyone relate??

It’s not about being the best dancer, painter or even runner in the world, more about just having fun and being confident in your skin with who you are.

Screen Shot 2018-06-10 at 19.50.44

It’s funny also if I’m not naturally awesome at something… like let’s say ice-skating I give up rather then keep going and practicing. That comes from when I was really young being encoraged to focus mostly on what I’m naturally awesome at. I now know that’s super silly and you don’t have to be amazing at everything you do.

I think we all sabotage ourselves in so many ways and need to be our own cheerleaders a lot more and not give in when things are tough. Also not everything is about being the best or based around winning.

I can spend far too much time on social media ( especially IG) exploring other peoples lives and forgetting what I was meant to be doing Totaly blame #ExplorePage… Minutes turn to hours and then I’m like ‘MAX WTF” you wasted all that time!

I was reading that Camila who is currently on tour in the UK and kiling it by the way, has her social media on her mums phone. Such a good idea, that way she says she doesn’t look at all the comments, critics and haters  or get caught up in other peoples lives. Instead she only uses it when she really wants to post something.

I think that is such a good idea. It’s like the best of both worlds. You get to live your real life and not waste hours scrolling every free minute you get getting caught up in gossip, celebs and bullshit.

Guys how often  do you catch yourself scrolling?? Tell the truth?? Could you detox for one a week?? Have you tried?? How did it go?? Also do you sabotage yourself and talk yourself out of doing stuff you would love to??

Let chat in the comment section!!

Max xxx

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  • lau

    Hey guys☺️☺️☺️

    • Hey Lau!! How’s you babe? xx

      • Few peeps have asked if we can do Sunday 11am cause of work.. so need to figure out a time that works with everyone… so hard xxx

      • lau

        I’m doing all good. Expect the fact that I start working again tomorrow after 1 month off. That’s gonna be haaaard ugh haha. How are you?? X

        • Wow you had a whole month off so jell!! No more just gigging all the time.. haha! I’m good but little pissed off with myself for eating like a pig today!! Every so often I get into bad habits and start eating bad stuff and takeaways.. lazy and sooo annoying… x

  • Hey J .. how’s you babe ?

  • Babe that sounds crap… hopefully you will feel better once the antibiotics have taken over the infection. Big hug!! I messed up, went cinema and wait for it had ice cream and m&m’s … So crap as me & one of my besties made a deal we would be good as we both have put on weight recently…. some days are harder then others…. x

  • lau

    I can spend HOURS looking through random people’s instagram.. It’s so satisfying hahaha! I jus love it!

    • I get it …..but Lau think about how many hours you waste and could be doing some awesome stuff in your real life… ??

      • lau

        I know.. You are totally right. I just spend too much time on my phone actually.. I should start reading a book haha!!

        • A book?? lol Shush books are soooooo good!

  • J I have treats almost every day…. lol!! i have to remember one treat a week not every night….. How’s juicing and your healthy life plan going?

  • Probably the best time to go fresh juices and clean food. Help your body heal quicker. Anyway are you guilty of the above??

  • lau

    Ohh get better soon Jamie!!

  • What’s insane is most of the ladies you love are trying so hard to spend less time on Social media because of how negz it can be and also kinda makes a lot of people feel like their lives is shit… Remember Ellie G saying to me how horrible people can sometimes be, and it truly does affect her day… Gigi recently said it makes you think your life is shit compared to others…. both these women have awesome lives so if it affects them, can’t believe you lot don’t feel anything…?

    • Jamie Mullin

      I’ll admit it’s bad how we look on people’s Instagrams and compare ourselves and stuff we should focus on loving ourselves and being comfortable in our skin

    • lau

      It’s true… It is. Found myself looking at Bella Hadid, Hailey Baldwin and Kendall Jenner’s insta for hours yesterday and I legit felt sad after… Coz they are so beautiful and have such beautiful bodies… It makes me feel insecure about myself.

  • Demi is super sweet, that’s so cool! Shows her managment are dope! I think she did one of my fav live sessions for one of the shows i used to do .. her Ed Sheeran cover was nuts…
    Babe been having treats for week… x

  • Becca Casey

    Hey sorry late had stressful weekend got so much going on right noe but this is totally me super awkward in trying new things and also the fear and failure holds me back xx

    • Are you ok B??? xx

      • Becca Casey

        Just got a lot if stuff going on with my grandad he has been having lots of tests and we get the results on Tuesday they think it might be bowel cancer xxx

        • Jamie Mullin

          Aww no I hope your ok ❤️ My Aunty was diagnosed a few months ago and is now having treatment so I’m here if you need to talk

          • I’m having a smear test tomorrow and I’m dreading it.. If I’m honest I avoided it for months… I know that’s stupid. Better to be safe the sorry. But it’s overwhelming sometimes x

          • Becca Casey

            I know that feeling I waited 6 months before I went I know that’s bad but was super scared and embarrassed xx

          • I spoke to a couple of my mates about it and they were like ‘Max it’s normal’ but you have to have it… so if there is any proble they can detect it earlier… This is true but the whole thing is awks and then waiting for results… I don’t think any girl enjoys it x

          • Becca Casey

            Once you’ve been a few times I guess you just get used to it if you ever can xc

          • I don’t know if I ever will, but as long as it’s a female nurse … x

          • Becca Casey

            Yes always a femalexx

          • Becca Casey

            Thanks its just so tough and you don’t know what’s happening and I’m stressed as staying over at weekends which is tiring and draining its hard xx

          • I can imagine… make some time to chill… even just go for a long walk and put an album in your headphones that you love or a great podcast…. you gotta looks after yourself xxx

          • Becca Casey

            I try to but I guess when I’m in chill mode I probs will just end up in tears

          • It’s ok to sometimes cry it can help unburden all the pain, stress and worry. You are amazing so hang in there beauty xxx

          • Becca Casey

            Xxx dnt be too nice otherwise you will start me off hate that he has to go through this

          • Sometimes life is shit but we gotta stay up and support each other. Things can only get better xxx

          • Becca Casey

            Hopefully god knows what Tuesday will bring xx

          • Be positive and I will be thinking of you. xxx

          • Becca Casey

            Thanks I’m going to sign off now as need to sleep thanks for all support guys xxx

          • Jamie Mullin

            Stay strong ❤️ Sending you positive thoughts x

          • Jamie Mullin

            I know and the hardest part is staying strong for them because you know they can’t but we can do it and we are strong and so are they they’re fighters ❤️ Xx

          • Becca Casey

            Yes guess so xxx

          • Sorry J … hope she is doing better x

        • Babe sorry to hear that, sending you love and prayers. xxx

  • J book it in … I feel the same but it’s the difference between peace of mind or leaving something so long that it could be a prob… just remember we all have to sit in that position and feel awks… xxx

    • Jamie Mullin

      I’m going too when I’m better definitely if other ladies can do it so can I xxx

  • Babe sorry that’s a lil crap… but you will get to see her another time… I’m seeing Shakira tomorrow and not if I missed Camila in London…. I need to see her live solo tour… she’s my lil sis… luv her and her mum is sooooo sweet and funny x

  • There is so much depends what things you like… I love books that inspire me, and entertain me…. i’m such a book nerd… you need to check my mate Ameriie’s guest post she did for me…

  • How flippin random just got invited to Camila’s London show… x

  • Well guess what … If you can get to london you can be my plus one x

  • Ladies as always dope to chat to you lot!! Wishing you an awesome week!! Go get it!! xxx

  • Not sure but think it’s Tuesday?? Waiting for deets just got asked x

  • xxx

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