28th May 2018

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Sundance London has been a total blast this year. I have been running around at the stunning Picturehouse in Piccadilly bringing you all the action all week on my IG stories and Twitter. I hope you have enjoyed all the  updates! This year once again a bunch of awesome films and documentaries by super talented and dedicated independent directors have been showcased.

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Starting with ‘First Reformed’ starring the incredible Ethan Hawke. This could potentially be the best thing he has ever done, Yes I said it, even better then how awesome he was in ‘Training’Day’. Ethan plays a pastor of a small church in New York full of emotion and confusion around him. His faith is tested while he is trying to save one couple including a very pregnant Amanda Seyfried. It was great to catch up with him at Sundance. He was relaxed and so humble and very happy to be there. We chatted about the rave reviews and he genuinly seemed very grateful even knowing he has been in the game since he was thirteen years old. There was no hint of complacency or ego. I highly recommend you check ‘First Reformed’ out on it’s release, Ethan rocks!

“The Tale” which has been directed by Jennifer Fox and has her telling her own story of sexual abuse as a teen. It’s stars Laura Dern who is awesome in the role. This will be a tough film to watch but it’s so very important highlighting a subject that we don’t see that often discussed in such a personal honest way. 

British actor Idris Elba has his directorial debut in “Yardie”. It’s been adapted by Victor Headley’s book. It tells the story of a young Jamaican caught up in gang culture heading to London where even more trouble awaits him. Revenge and retribution is on the cards. Actor Aml Ameen does a great job playing troubled D and the soundtrack is cool.

Documentaries are always one of my fav aspects of Sundance. Last year was amazing who could forget the superb “Icarus” by Bryan Fogel which ended up grabbing him a well deserved Oscar!

This year “Half A Picture” delves into the lack of diversity in Hollywood where women are concerned behind the camera. Director Amy Adrion delves into why and how to change it. She talks to successful women in the game including Ava DuVernay Lena Dunham and Brenda Chapman. 

The Miseducation of Cameron Post stars the awesome Chloe Grace Moretz. She plays the role of a gay teenager who gets sent away to a camp to basically “get the gay” pushed out of her by religion.

Chloe and the rest of the cast tell this incredible sad, compelling and thought provoking story of love, prejudice and sexuality. Well done Desiree Akhavan for making such a real film that will touch everyone especially the LGBT community and with so much humour.

Toni Collette stars in horror Hereditary, Ari Aster’s debut feature film. It’s scary as hell and not for the faint hearted. Toni has totally reinvented herself in this role and is unrecognisable. Violence anger and a family tormented is the plot. Make sure you have someones hand to hold when you go to see this, very strange.

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Sundance London has been quite an experience over the last few days. The Picturehouse has played host to twelve very different and interesting films/docs. A lot of American directors with Brits Idris Elba and Jim Hosking representing for us

I had the opportunity to chat with some incredibly cool powerful people in the movie world. From the ones that select and decide the programmes like Kim Yutani and Clare Binns to respected great names in film like Ethan Hawke and Idris Elba.

The best thing about the festival for me is the chance to see awesome independent films that we might not get to see otherwise and learn from other creatives.

I want to focus a little more on one of my personal favs that truly left me entertained, inspired and wanting to learn to Kick Push. 

Something a little more chill and super interesting to watch is “Skate Kitchen”. This film celebrates and highlights New York skate culture from a female perspective. All the cast aside from Jaden Smith were plucked from the streets caught skateboarding by director Crystal Moselle. Romance and tricks with loads of girl power! This film is awesome and one of my personal favs from this years list.

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It’s a film based around a group of skateboarders who are all young women passionate about the culture and seem to get a sense of belonging when Skateboarding. The film also explores them going through heartache, insecurities, curiously, growing up, peer pressure, sexism and just basically the pressures of life.

It’s loosely based around girls real lives with Crystal adding lots more flavour and detail.

The film shows how sisterhood can empower you to be more comfortable in your own skin and feel accepted when you find a tribe with a similar passion. 

It also shows the party life, drugs, experimentation and sexual freedom to do what the hell you want.

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Yesterday over dinner at Nando’s 2 of my male friends both 25 – years – old went on about if a man had made a film like this people would go nuts but because it’s a woman it’s ok??

They even suggested it’s damn right taking advantage of young innocent women who want a better life and stardom.

Their argument basically was the girls are all really young and Impressionable, also not actresses. They had been offered this great opportunity to share their love of skate culture so why do they have to be filmed having sex orgies, taking drugs in such a fuck you manner.

I love a good debate and I hear their point of view. To be fair, the sex orgy scene is the only time I actually wondered how the girls felt that took part. Was it uncomfortable also the guy too? Was it necessary ? 

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This is also why I love good art, we discuss, we get passionate and we care. So for that reason alone I think it’s a good thing that Crystal filmed in such a candid way

Now let’s be real a lot of people when they are around 18- years- old are out here experimenting and trying to fit in. So whether you like it or not it’s a reality for a vast amount of teens. The director reflecting that side of youth culture might shock or make you like my friends get upset and even alittle angry but it’s a side of life that people are living.

I’m not saying all teens take drugs, drink till their drunk and have a sex orgy … but it happens and probably a lot more then you want to believe. 

I took other things from the film Rachelle Vinberg’s character is shy and such a tomboy, I totally related, that was me when I was 18- years-old,  feeling awkward and not really fitting in. Seeing her start to find her confidence and get comfy in her skin was dope to see.

I met the girls yesterday and I immediately could see how similar they are to their characters.  The only one that really surprised me was  the lovely Nina Moran. In the film she is super confident, loud and fearless while in person she is very shy and a little introverted. 

Other aspects of the film that I enjoyed seeing was the solidarity between the young women having each other’s backs and getting over bad sitautions as a team.

Also very important to point out they are very talented Skateboarders and constantly are working to be the best while helping each other. Learning to forgive and show love more than envy and hate is also so refreshing to see on camera amongst girls.

Skate Kitchen is out in the UK in September it also stars Jaden Smith who is cool as hell in it. 

For more on all these films and to book tix hit up the PictureHouse.

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    • Yes Demi…. her gal!! Check out the stuff I wrote and let’s get started… By the way you had a good day?? xx

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            I just did a workout and then showered and now relaxing x

          • You too blondie… xxx

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      • Hey hey J… how was work? Have a read above … tonight let’s talk teenage secrets .. lol

  • I will start, when i was 15- 18, I was dating this guy and would always stay at his .. his parents had this huge house but were never there… I would tell my mum I was staying at my besties… It was so cute we would get Deep pan pizza potatoe salad cause i loved that then…. and stay in bed watching movies…

    • Demi

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      • lol… what about you Demi, have you done anything the girls in Skate Kitchen have done in their new movie.. ?

        • Demi

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          • That’s not boring it’s cool, means your more mature then most teens at that age… #IhAVEnEVERHadASexOrgy eva!! lol

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  • Me too… I barely drink even now ….only on special occasions … most of mates love a drink though… I’m the odd one out.. I do like a cocktail though

  • Skate Kitchen is such a good film, but literally my mates both boys, think cause the girls are sooo young they got exploited. I met the director and the girls and they all get on so well… The boys reckon the girls were wowed by the opportunity for success and fame…

    • Jamie Mullin

      You can see where your friends are coming from it’s crazy how people get wowed

    • lau

      Will I be able to see the film here in Belgium as well in September you? Or only UK…

      • I think so… I always thought you were English.. Did you enjoy London ? x

        • lau

          Haha I actually go to the UK soooo often lol but I’m Belgian. Even though I see myself movin to London some day haha. Yes London was great like alwaaaays X

          • You are lucky you travel so much, it’s cool different vibe!! I have never been to Belgian but would love to, must stay away from the chocolate sooooo good right x

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          • Sounds devine I love waffles… yum xxx

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  • I have family that live in Barbados .. so either there or somewhere hot and beautiful.. Also want to leave my phone at home… which I never do x

  • Also sorry guys for constantly changing times for our live chat.. it’s hard as some people work and me too… So bare with me… It will eventually work .. lol x

  • Sundance Festival is all about showcasing new films and directors.. the girls from Skate Kitchen are so sick at skateboarding .. I defo say check it out when it’s out…This also

    • Basically a girl that lives a fake life online that is totally different to her own real one… I know a lot of people who do that … x

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    • Demi

      Have you ever hinted at them to ask because they’re taking too long?

      • Well I have learnt that guys are super scared of us… and with some of them we have to show interest in order for them to be brave enough to ask us out. They don’t want to get rejection, so fear of that will stop some, so you gotta help them ones. But I would rather someone who is confident and is funny .. and cute too… I know it’s tough .. I’m shy too sometimes… it depends.. What about you?

        • Demi

          Not too much confidence though.. I’m super shy haha!

          • Last time you flirted with a guy you liked??

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          • What you are married and have kids???

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          • I think I know….

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    • lau

      Wait is this me typing this??? I swear I’m exact the same person and that’s why I’m probably still single…

      • hahaha

        • My relationship status is complicated… that’s all I’m saying…

          • lau

            In whatever situation you are, you deserve only the best Max.☺️ (trying to make it not too cheesy haha!) X

          • Lau you are cute and thanks. I feel like relationships are amazing but also such hard work and you have to have ‘me’ time and then ‘us’ time.. Otherwise you just become an extention of someone else .. and kinda lose youself. You know what I mean?

          • lau

            Yeah I get what you mean. Especially when you both have busy life’s. A relationship is so difficult sometimes to handle..

    • Jamie Mullin

      Put it this way the last guy I was with cheated and got the girl pregnant so I’m so weary now

      • Oh that’s crap and horrible… but listen thank god you didn;t marry him or have a baby with him.. or buy a hpuse together,… Phew lucky escape… There are always wronguns out here, you gotta sometimes wait for ya prince to come… and ignore all the toads, frogs, snakes and dogs .. even if they smell good and have dimples… lol

  • No way Lucas

  • It’s mad out here… finding the right one… When you stop looking a couple will turn up at the same time and you will be like wtf ..

  • looks wise he is cuter but I agree girl x

  • Don’t be horrible to yourself, it’s tough cause it’s comfortable and someone you know, but J you deserve a lot better… Get stronger and hang with friends and wash him out of your system.. Watch how awesome things will be once that energy is out of your life. It will take time but you can do it babe x

  • Glad you got some good mates.. 25 is nothin.. shush… How’s juicing going by the way our chat is almost over?? x

    • Jamie Mullin

      Yeah only have a few but they’re good ❤️ It’s going good been struggling because I’ve not been well but getting there x

  • Big hug, luv you lot!! Have an awesome week and keep an eye on your emails!! Max xxx

    • Jamie Mullin

      Love you lots ❤️ Take care x

    • Demi

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      • Yes mum number 1 x

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