20th May 2018


What a start to the weekend already. Congrats to Harry and Meghan who got married and wow what a ceremony.

Did you watch?? What did you think? I thought it was beautiful, inspiring and Meghan’s Givenchy Dress was everything!

Screen Shot 2018-05-19 at 20.11.10 Screen Shot 2018-05-19 at 20.10.59

Also noticed Victoria, Priyanka and Amal came to slay. Did you know there is a dress code at Royal weddings..No shoulders out, wear hats and don’t dress over the top ( too sexy, flamboyant or trying to up-stage the bride and groom basically)

Screen Shot 2018-05-19 at 20.10.55

The only think I found odd at the wedding was a couple of Harry’s ex’s attending … #Awks wonder if Meghan knows who they really are???

Anyway I wish them all the happiness in the world and love them as a couple.

Screen Shot 2018-05-19 at 20.07.27

How many times have you seen the #IWokeUpLikeThis??? How many times have your fav girls used it and even you??

It’s normally a load of crap let’s be honest. People spending hours getting that selfie to look like they just woke up when really it took a lot of grooming, practicing and filters.

I saw this vid by accident on my timeline that model/entrepreneur Sarah Ashcroft posted. She shares the truth behind her face and how she doesn’t wake up like this. I respect her for being honest and sharing what she does to look like this. I know a lot of people especially famous girls that you guys love (not telling who) that have regular botox, lip fillers and all sorts to live up to whatever it takes to look flawless!

My personal journey with beauty has been up and down and I have never really felt totally comfortable in my skin, face or body, think I’m getting better now though.  I used to compare myself to others all the time, I blame the fact I follow way too many Victoria Secrets models on IG as one of my main reasons why. So last year I decided to unfollow a whole load which defo helped, but I do still follow Gigi, Bella, Jourdan, Taylor, Kendall, Shanina… and a few others #NeedToUnfollowMore or else I see bikinis, abs and great faces all the time.

I remember interviewing model Joan Smalls and she told me she trains every day and really looks after herself so she too doesn’t #WakeUpLikeThat none of the VS girls do!

When was the last time you took a pic of yourself, with friends or family that you didn’t touch up or filter?

Screen Shot 2018-05-19 at 20.07.41

I think it’s soooo addictive, you tell yourself its’s fun and that’s all, but can we be real we all know it’s so much more. Think about it ….we get used to seeing ourselves in these filters and not as who we really are. I’m not saying it’s not fun or pretty, but it’s more harmful then positive in the long run.

We have to learn to love ourselves, I mean it however cringy it sounds. I want you to look in the mirror whether it’s naked or fully clothed and say ‘I Love you’. It won’t happen overnight especially if you have low self esteem and in general feel yucky about yourself but I have some tips that work for me. Here goes:

1 Beauty pamper day, minimum 1 day a week. You do a facial, mask. leave in hair treatment, nails, pedi. End with a beautiful bath with relaxing salts or a long beautiful shower. Moisturise your whole body and face after, it will feel wonderful.

2 Restyle and remix your wardrobe. Honestly there are incredible pieces that we forgot we had. Spend a couple of hours ideally a chill day and try on different things with each other. Denim skirts looks so hot with great blouses and fitted tees. Team a cute dress with those trainers or school style lace ups you forgot you had.

3 Hair change it up!! Get the tongs out and invest in some heated rollers. If you wear it down all the time, put it up in a high edgy bun. Make sure you use a great shine spray and the leave in treatment earlier in the week during your pamper day will have your hair looking and feeling so glossy and healthy. Also a blow-dry makes me feel pretty as hell. I’m crap at doing it myself, so I treat myself to my Stylist Jess who does the best ones ever. A good blow-dry lasts 2 -4 days and will cost around £25- £30 depending on the length of your hair and where you go.

4 Listening to Marie Forleo Podcasts always make me feel better about myself. She reminds me that it’s just as important to feel you are super smart and contributing to the world in a positive way alongside feeling hot as fuck. She also has me learning and wanting to challenge myself more. I love that feeling of learning something so awesome that can change my life. Ted talks, Tim Ferriss, Oprah and ‘How I Built This’ all great podcasts packed of inspiration too.

5 Do something for yourself. This could be pampering but I mean make time for you. Be present for you? Learn to enjoy your own company. It’s not sad and doesn’t make you a loser. I have learnt to go out and eat alone and watch a movie. It started because of my job, I have to review films in the daytime and my mates are all at work so I end up going alone. But then I remember one afternoon I felt shitty and couldn’t shift this feeling of despair and sadness. All my mates were not around so I got myself together and headed to my fav cinema and was nervous as hell to go and buy a ticket for me by myself. But I did it and I totally enjoyed the experience and have done it many times since. Also go with my friends but it’s awesome to enjoy time with yourself and be comfortable with it.

6 Gym workouts can be stressful and need a lot of motivation but I have to say a Yoga class or Pilates will make you feel amazing. It’s still a great workout for your body but also about relaxing and being around like minded people for about 50 min. Try it and I bet you love it and will make new friends.

7 Meditation is one of the best things to help you feel more focused and happier. Also there is a lot of research to prove that it helps with anxiety, depression, panic attacks and stress. Loads of great apps to pick from. It’s tough to silence your mind and breath in away to totally silence your mind and body, but once you nail it watch how much it improves your life.

Start with 5 min a day sit on your bed, sofa anywhere you feel relaxed and can be alone. Close your eyes and breath in and out slowly through your nose. Make all the thoughts in your mind stop for that time, just focus on your breathing. Practice, practice, practice and it will get easier. We can do it together. I have been doing it for 7 days and it’s tough but I feel so much better already and find it a great way to start and end my day.

8 Start putting your phone and laptop in your living room not in your bedroom. You won’t realise this till you start doing it, having technology always so close means you are never really present. Think while you watch a show on TV you are scrolling on your phone. When you are out for dinner, your checking it constantly, when you are in bed it is flashing next to you. There is nothing that can’t wait for a hour or two?? The less time you spend on Instagram the better. You will spend less time comparing your beauty with fake beauty on your timeline and start enjoying your life more. Plus feel a lot prettier and comfortable in your own skin.

9 Treat yourself to something new. This depends on your budget so don’t go mad. Book a holiday with a bestie or that family member you love being around. A new perfume, new make-up, a new pair of killer boots, basically something you will love and enjoy. I love getting a new fragrance and make-up. It’s ok to enjoy material things come on why not. Boys I know you love trainers, clothes, gadgets and trips away like us.

10 Have a mantra, I sort of mentioned it earlier. Write down a couple of things and memorise them. I want you to daily look in the mirror an say it to yourself. Saying it out loud and putting it out in the universe will make it not only happen but also you to believe and live like that more.

Mine currently has been inspired by a book I have been reading ‘The Power Of Intention’ by Dr Wayne Dyer, here it is.

‘Be Creative’

Be Kind’

‘Be Love’

‘Be Beauty’

‘Be Over-expansive

‘Be Abundant’

‘Be Receptive’

Max xxx

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  • Morning Gang! How are you? Take a min to read my thoughts on #IWokeUplikeThis was insipired by Demi (in our group) who told me last week the stress of IG and comparing ourselves to the fake ideas of perfection in beauty… How do you feel about it? M x

    • Jamie Mullin

      I think your so right it’s crazy how we compare ourselves to other beautiful people and don’t see the beauty in ourselves

      • I know but everyone does it…. #IWokeUpLikeThis is sooooo fake and very rarely true…. I’m guilty of using filters .. not all the time though….

      • Demi

        So very true.. beauty comes from within

        • Jamie Mullin

          Always ❤️ Wish so many beautiful souls could see that

        • Yeah but think we forget that. It’s dope to look pretty but if you feel like crap inside it’s fake. You almost create a character around people, social media and even yourself. It’s sooo important to work on feeling confident about who you are inside out.. then watch how hot you feel x

    • Demi


      • Demi hey…..

        • Demi

          How are you?

          • All good baybee… So you inspired todays chat… what do you think of the Sarah Ash vid? Scan it .. watch it fully later … do you see my point?

          • Demi

            Good on her for being so honest.. I see your point entirely

          • Demi

            Going a little off track, just reading through your post. How beautiful was the Royal Wedding!

          • So beautiful.. Meghan’s dress.. Harry looked so smitten lol

          • Demi

            She is truly beautiful. They both looked so lovely and happy!

          • He has done well for himself… find it a little unfair that she has stopped acting, shut down her blog, twitter and instagram now she is a royal… So much control .. It’s 2018 x

          • Demi

            That is true. I felt for her Mum, she held it together so well x

          • Jamie Mullin

            Her mum is so amazing and strong especially sitting on her own like she did

    • chloe

      I’ve read it and I’ve unfollowed people on Instagram who made me feel like that too x

      • Chloe knows… did it help?

        • chloe

          Yes it did help. I was constantly comparing my self and it made my self esteem so low. X

          • I call it ‘Spring Cleaning’ my timeline!! lol!! Do it every few months!! Feel so much better afterwards! Try and follow people that inspire and do more than post selfies and what they have x

  • Hey J…how’s juicing goin? x

  • Good just had a banana, orange and berries one… while I sit here with wet hair .. x

  • Demi

    Exactly this!

  • Jamie Mullin

    Anyone else watching the new season of 13 reasons why?

    • Alina Datcu

      I’m still debating whether to do it or not, tbh, I have mixed feelings about it

      • Jamie Mullin

        The first season is definitely better but I’m only on episode 5 so far

        • Alina Datcu

          i dunno, the first season affected me a lot tbh, not sure how i’d handle the second one

    • Demi

      Watched the first episode last night but need to finish it and watch the rest. Are you enjoying it so far?

    • chloe

      I’ve watched the first season just got the second one to watch x

    • Hell yeah… but holding out as I have soooo much to do!! once I start I will literally binge!! Don’t spoil it for me.. BUT is is as good as first series? x

  • Hey Alina…
    I hear you… I do think we all need a mix bag of peeps we follow especially on IG… I follow Rihanna but also Marie Forleo ( life coach) Selena but then Oprah too. I think instagram has made a load of people feel crap and they spend more time creating pretty pictures to be liked than live their real life with people that truly love them.. you know hat I mean xxx

    • Alina Datcu

      I, myself, remember being sooo worked up about how many likes I got on a picture or how many people would love it that I actually forgot likes and comments do not define us at all, and that’s all cause like I said, I used to follow people who would just make me feel like I NEED to look a certain way to be able to fit in, and if I didn’t, people would just not love me, it’s crazy but it really is what society has been trying to make us think

  • So i shared my tips on what I do to combat feeling yuck days… God i love pampering days.. haha!!! Do you lot have any little secrets? x

    • Demi

      Exercise – Even doing a 15 minute workout helps so much.
      Going for a walk – such a simple but refreshing activity (especially beach walks)
      Just being present on a stroll and taking in the surroundings;
      (Looking at the sky, the trees, cute dogs, listening to the sound of birds, the innocence of children playing at the park/laughing)

      • Demi love your tips… I kinda do a lot of them too. I’m such an old lady .. love going on walks and enjoying the city … Sometimes you forget to apprecaite the beauty we live in… It’s even more fun when you have a mate with you x

    • Alina Datcu

      walking around the park aaaaalways helps me and makes me feel better, it helps me think put things in perspective

      • Demi

        I think sometimes we take for granted the little things in life. Always makes me think some people do not have the ability to go and take a walk by themselves (for many reasons).. we are so very lucky

        • Alina Datcu

          This!! I literally think of this soso many times!

      • Love that we are all like lil cute ladies who loves walks outdoors. I love exploring and dragging my mates!!

        • Alina Datcu

          I used to feel so awkward walking by myself but now I just love it tbh
          iit gives me a feeling of freedom
          especially around the evening and you can also catch the sunset (i am IN LOVE with sunsets)

          • Demi

            Sunsets are proof that endings can be beautiful to!

          • Alina Datcu

            i could genuinely spend every day of my life watching them and I d never get bored

    • chloe

      If I’ve had a yucky day, i have a pamper night and listen to music which I love and enjoy. It helps me so much. Also going on a long walk with my earphones in help me and I also journal which I find great x

      • Snap I forgot to mention music helps loads!! Love blasting an album I love or a sick playlist to put me in a good mood! x

        • chloe

          Yes! Me too it always puts me in a good mood if I blast music through my earphones x

          • What you blasting right now? Did you check out my playlist it’s on my blog x

          • chloe

            Yes I read your blog. I’m loving Anne Marie’s new album and I love listening to pop music in the charts x

          • Demi

            Love Anne Marie’s album, going to see her in November! 🙂

  • Demi

    I said yesterday the first episode seems quite boring but I remember Season 1 was boring until halfway in also!

    • It took like 3 or 4 episodes than I was hooked

      • Demi

        Me too!

    • Jamie Mullin

      Yeah that’s what I’m hoping haha it’s getting better now

  • Demi

    Hey 🙂

  • All good… think Sundays everyone sleep in! ha!! Are you all good with doing our chats on Sundays?? Betta day? Plan is to make them video eventually, or just audio, don’t panic!! Got some plans babes x

    • chloe

      I’ve been awake super early I’ve been to work from 7pm-12am all weekend and sundays are still good days to do these live blogs. I love joining them x

  • chloe

    I also FaceTime family I’m close too or have a long phone call with them and it always helps my mood x

    • Jamie Mullin

      It’s amazing how it cheers you up x

  • You guys are dope as hell… I want you to know that. You can do anything you want. Change the way you think, watch the things aroudn you change xxx

    • Alina Datcu

      love you x

  • Demi

    Also this! My niece and nephew are everything and living away from home means I don’t get to see them often so Facetime is an actual lifesaver!

    • Jamie Mullin

      It really is x

  • I know you mentioned you were sick before … are you getting better? Know how it feels now I have a autoimmune condition part of the club x

    • Jamie Mullin

      On antibiotics now so hopefully it’ll clear up I have a low immune system so catch everything x

      • Well I never did before but have now due to overwork and stress i guess… I have been learning a lot about the condition, and what you eat and how you feel plus exercise can help loads. plus big tip very random but try it. Buy tumeric it’s seasoning and mix a spoonfull in milk, coconut milk whatever you like, I warm it up in a sauceman. One glass or mug a day it helps your gut and body loads xx

        • Jamie Mullin

          Yeah I went to work a few days in a row so made myself worse, ahh thank you I’ll give it a go xx

  • Alina Datcu

    Since y’all are here and we’re on about confidence, you should go watch Jessie J’s new music video for Queen, honestly you won’t regret
    it’s hella beautiful and celebrates all kinds of beauty and the lyrics of the song are amazing x

    • It’s on my blog guys!! She looks stunning and it’s dope how she has reflected so many other women and their beauty… x http://flipyourwig.net/2018/05/19/gorge-new-vids-from-the-gals/

      • Alina Datcu

        Yes!! I am so in love with the video and it’s crazy how she has edited it herself

        • I feel like Jessie is in such a positive place and finally comfortable with who she is x

          • Alina Datcu

            she really is ❤

  • Don’t hide in other people lives and miss out on your own… I hope you lot understand this .. It’s awesome to love musicians and be obsessed with TV shows and music BUT… don’t forget to be obsessed with your own life and live it … I’m blasting the new Christina A tune right now thinking we all have to really stop hero worshipping … nobody is perfect truly and start really enjoying our own real lives xxx

    • Jamie Mullin

      So true ❤️ Thank you for always helping us love ourselves and believe in ourselves xx

    • chloe

      So true ❤️

  • Almost the end of our second LIVE CHAT… are you lot enjoying it?? I have Yoga, Mixing Sess and a shoot for my blog later. What you guys doin? Have a fun day luv ya M xxx

    • chloe

      I’ve enjoyed it it’s been great! I’m going out for a walk to the beach then I have work tonight at 7pm-12am, I hope you have a great day X

      • Walk on the beach sounds sweet xxx

        • chloe

          I love walking along the beach. Always takes my mind off things that are stressing or worrying me! X

    • Jamie Mullin

      Have a lovely day ☺️ Love you too xx

    • Demi

      It’s been fab, thank you for including me. So thankful for everything you do for me. I am forever in your debt.

      Looking forward to the next chat. Today is a day of adult chores; I did a workout earlier on.. now lots of washing and cleaning to do haha. Then maybe watch 13 Reasons. Enjoy yoga. Have a lovely day all x

      • Luv ya babe!! Adult Chores haha!! Have an awesome day… Well done with the workout x

    • Alina Datcu

      This has been really cute!!

      I’m writing my final thesis for uni (ew) today…. fun times.. NOT haha

      hope you enjoy today x

  • Dope playlist to blast…. LOVE all these tunes right now!! xxx http://flipyourwig.net/2018/05/18/new-tunessssss/

  • Becca Casey

    I love going on walks and visiting national trust places to clear my head also must get going to cinema on my own something I want to do but scared too….all my photos I post never have any filters on won’t got time for that ☺ wouldn’t know where to start lol

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