12th May 2018


Let’s do it I’m LIVE on the blog right now to chat and catch up with you. We can talk about anything you want, share what’s on your mind and any questions you have for moi.

So I can tell you this week has been up and down for me. I hung out with two awesome ladies actress Matilda Lutz and director Coralie Fargent. They have a new film out called Revenge.

Revenge Movie, thisismax, coralie pagent Matilda lutz

They really inspired me as both women have been working sooooo hard to be able to be at this point in the careers. Matilda has been a successful model in Italy and featured in a few movies while Coralie has worked her ass off to release her debut film. This is their big moment and I know they are super excited and nervous.

Do you know how hard it is to take less money to do what you love sometimes. In the long run I truly believe you will end up being successful and happier that way.

If you don’t mind a lot of blood on screen and being shocked …support the girls, Revenge is out now in the UK!

Why do we all chase money and titles rather than happiness??

I loved reading your answers to the questions I sent some of you and knowing your focus is in happiness and being the best you ROCKS!

However life can throw shit at us and make it hard. I have recently been diagnosed with a auto immune condition which means I have weekly visits to the hospital. I’m going to be fine but I hate having an illness and guess I still haven’t fully accepted it.

I have to rest and basically look after myself a lot better. Listen to my body and not just work, work, work. That doesn’t mean I can’t be ambitious and kill the things I do but more that I have to remember my health and sleep is just as important.

People like Selena Gomez, Halsey and Bella Hadid have all been open and shared their own battles with health and having conditions.

People like Zayn and Donald Glover have also spoken a lot about their mental health, suffering from anxiety and stress.

This week Tina Lawson shared that she sent her daughters Beyonce and Solange to see a Psychiatrist when they were kids so they would be more sensitive to each other and look after one another. I think that’s an awesome idea…. Therapy? Someone to talk to who isn’t directly involved in your life can be so helpful. 

I have a ton of successful stressed out friends, over half of them have a therapists and it helps them so much. So nothing to be ashamed off and don’t be afraid to seek help.

So Rita’s new song ‘Girls’ has caused a lot of noise online over the last few days. It features Cardi B, Charli XCX and Bebe Rexha. Musicians Hayley Kiyoko and Kehlani who are both openly gay have spoken out and say they find the lyrics offensive.

Hayley said:,

“To be clear, I fully support other artists who freely express themselves and applaud male and female artists who are opening up more and more about their sexual identities.

“But every so often there comes certain songs with messaging that is downright tone-deaf, which does more harm than good for the LGBTQ+ community. A song like this just fuels the male gaze while marginalizing the idea of women loving women.

“I know this wasn’t the intention of the artists on the song, but it’s the lack of consideration behind these lyrics that really get me. I don’t need to drink wine to kiss girls; I’ve loved women my entire life.

“This type of message is dangerous because it completely belittles and invalidates the very pure feelings of an entire community. I feel I have a responsibility to protect that whenever possible.

“We can and should do better.”.

Screen Shot 2018-05-12 at 16.47.05

So what do you think?? Let’s chat gang for the next 60min to each other.

Max xxx

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  • Jamie Mullin

    Morning everyone ☺️

  • Jamie Mullin

    How are you?

    • chloe

      I’m ok, how are you?

      • Jamie Mullin

        I’m good thank you ☺️

  • Chloe how’s you…?

    • chloe

      I’m ok X

  • By the way everyone meet everyone. You are the first special ones in our dope brand new group … so enjoy the early days… lots to come! x

    • lau

      Morning guys☺️☺️

      • Morning babe… x

        • lau

          How are you all doing? X

          • Dope babe you good? Get involved in the chat .. I know you are in an awesome space at mo.. x

  • I know some of you have DM me about feeling crappy and sad at mo… I won’t call anyone out. Let’s start with how to deal with stuff when it get’s tough…
    1 Don’t isolate yourself, if you hide away and don’t want anyone to see how you are feeling or are afraid of being judged trust me that’s not the way the think. There will be atleast one person in your life that loves you and will want to be there for you… hell probably more. So don’t let your low thoughts be around just you as it won’t get better and instead it will get harder to reach out… x

    • Jamie Mullin

      Agree with this 100% x

    • chloe

      This is good advice. I will definitely try this ❤️

      • What are you doing at the mo whne you feel crap?

    • lau

      This is so true. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself.. It’s okay to feel sad or bad sometimes. You are human.. Try to focus on the things that make you happy and makes you feel good. Don’t compare yourself to other people. You are unique x

      • This might sound cringy … one of my besties Saz and I do lists whenever we feel super crap. We write down what’s getting us down and how we acn fix it. Also a list of all the things we are grateful from … from people we love to our creativity and life… #IknowWeAreSOOOOCringy lol

        • lau

          Nooo this is actually a pretty smart idea xxx

          • It totally works … Everyone needs a diary and pen in their bag for days like this. Also writing things down connects better than just typing in your notes on your phone x

  • Also EVERYONE feels crap at times, there are so many celebs that I know you guys look up to that have told me how depressed and anxious they feel…

    How do you lot deal with low moments right now?? x

    • Jamie Mullin

      Spend time with my niece and nephew, look at the tattoo ally wrote for me to remind me I’m strong or listen to music ❤️

      • Spending time with amazing people is defo important… Someone said to me once look at the 5 people you are closest to. Do they empower you, enhance you and support you or do they make feel insecure, stupid and crap?? Get rid of anyone in your circle that does the second… The company you keep the most totally influences you..

    • lau

      I just cry my heart out most of the times… Also whenever I feel sad or whenever my mental health is not doing great I work out more. Going to the gym helps me. X

      • I wish Gym thing would be my way of feeling better.. lol! I struggle to get there.. Although I have started Yoga every Sunday evening which is soooo cool .. week 4 later…. x

        • lau

          How is the yoga going? I wanted to do it for so long. But I can’t find a place near me to go. To be honest I haaaate the gym and I HATE working out but the feeling after is always worth it. X

          • Yoga is really good. Believe it or not it’s a really tough workout, lots of streaching and core work. I can see why the girls and boys that do it 4 times a week have amazing bodies. What’s great about it also is it’s a away to calm down and breath better… while learning to understand diff parts of your body. I find it harder then spin x

  • lau


  • lau

    The girls song? I loooove it!! I bloody love Charli. She’s one of my favorite artists at the mo 🙂

    • Charli is dope and so lovely… but what do you think of the lyrics… ‘drinking wine and then wanting to kiss girls??

      • lau

        I think I can fully relate to that lol, I think labels are why too overrated!! Just kiss and love whoever you want x

        • Yeah that’s freedom of choice.. agree.. But imagine you are gay and see girls that get tipsy than want to be part-time gay.. kinda hear Hayley and Kehlani’s point..

  • Tips to deal with crap days..
    1 Be around someone that lifts your mood and you love plus trust

    2 Read an inspiring book like ‘The Four Agreements’ I used to carry it in my bag.

    3 Be kind to yourself and do something that will make you feel happy .. like.. watch a movie that always makes you happy ( Harry Potter for me) Pamper yourself ( facial, nails, beauty things) Get that dessert you love … just this once.

    4 Go for a walk and listen to an amazing podcast or playlist to inspire and change your mood. Tedtalks great podcast ( or mine MaxInTheMix lol) I will be creating some dope playlists next month to get you vibing. Listening to DOPE music always makes me feel good.

    5 If all else fails go to the doctor with someone you love and say how you are feeling. You won’t have to go on medication but they can get you therapy weekly which can help so much.

    • lau

      Thank you babe for all those tips xxx

    • chloe

      Thank you for those tips, I’ve done number five, I have therapy and it’s terrifying at first but helps so so much eventually.

      • Chloe … me too! I can’t say who but someone I know well through my work told me she did weekly then I asked a few more people and they told me they did too. I have recently started it’s incredibly daunting but keep with it and I’m sure it will help..
        Might take a while to find the right therapists that suits you…
        There is a singer called Frances who I’m friends with she did CBT councilling and she told me it changed her life… xxx

        • chloe

          It gives you so many ways to manage and cope and can be very helpful! Xxx

          • I hear that Chloe… well done you for being brave and putting your health first babe x

          • chloe


  • let’s talk ‘Girls” I think all 4 acts are dope but I think Hayley and Kehlani have raised an interesting point.. I know girls that say they are bi-sexual cause they think it’s cool while there are other girls that it’s not a phase but a life choice… that’s difficult… 2 sides to everything…?

  • Rita is cool and I know she is a free spirit and wouldn’t off wanted to offend anyone…. Sexuality can be such a tough thing for people to talk about… One of my besties thought she was a lesbian and now 2 years later she has a boyfriend ….

  • Press and gossip…. Cara is someone that has been so open about her sexuality and I love her… she is such a complicated, kind, silly real person that has so much insecurities and shit even with all her success x

    • Jamie Mullin

      Yeah so true I guess she’s just trying to get publicity for the song x

      • Who?

        • Jamie Mullin

          Rita getting the press talking x

          • I don’t think she would of started the Cara story… but yes more press, more hype, more views…

          • Jamie Mullin

            Yep x

  • I know we all love celebs when I was a kid I wanted to be Jenny from the block.. lol
    But I think we are all so obsessed with celebs that sometimes we live our lives through them… which is such a waste and kinda sad?

  • chloe

    Also sorry I missed some of the chat! My phone died but I’m back now! xxx

  • Jamie Mullin

    Anyone here like fifth harmony? How do you think they’ll do solo? X

    • They are my babes.. think it’s going to be interesting and I wish them well…. Hope everyone supports them but at the same time it’s ok to like different music and not fight with each other… some fans are horrible …x

      • I know they can all sangggg and are super ambitious .. Hope they get enough time to develop and create their sound like Camilla did… love Normani colllab with Khalid x

    • chloe

      There music is great! I hope they do well solo! X

  • We have less than 10 min left …aaaahh .. First LIVE chat, thanks for joining … I plan to do a weekly live video chat soonish, you guys down?
    Also eventually meet ups…
    Oh and wait for it….. book and music club… hahahaha those that don’t read don’t panic… audio books … lol!
    loads of ways to get involved.

    • Jamie Mullin

      Sounds good ☺️ X

    • lau

      Yesss would be awesome to do it weekly and the meet ups I am totally in for it! Xxx

    • chloe

      Yes!! That sounds awesome! xxx

  • Have an awesome Sunday… get out and enjoy the city and people ya love… Big hug luv ya M xxx

    • chloe

      Thanks Max!! Hope you have a great Sunday too! I’m about to go out shopping then I’m at work later tonight xxx

  • Becca Casey

    Gutted missed this and really hope your OK I suffer anxiety at moment it seems to have surfaced again

    • Big hug … there will be a weekly live chat don’t worry…. Read some of the tips we shared and don’t feel crappy ok… It’s a feeling that you can learn to control .. just got to work at it and practice xxx

      • Becca Casey

        Thanks max hugs

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