4th May 2018

Let’s talk new music, I’m all about discovering and enjoying music from everywhere. Theres is so much amazing stuff out here if you just open your ears and eyes and find it.

Let’s start with Pop icon Christina Aguilera who has teamed up with Ty dolla $ign and 2 Chainz. The track is called Accelerate and I love it ( not sure all the sucking fingers and wet lips in the video is working for me) !! You have to play the song really loud and you will totally get into it. It has that Beyonce pay attention or else vibe about it!! Let me know what you think!!

Sia, Labrinth and Diplo have teamed up and become super group LSD!

I don’t hate this but I do find it a little odd and  don’t really understand it. All three acts are totally different in their own worlds and musically it’s cool but not mind blowing. It almost sounds like a Diplo project that he has secretly wanted to do for ages and he has mananged to rope Lab and Sia into helping him live out that dream. I’m really curious to hear your thoughts….

Troye Sivan is one of  my fav boys in music!!

He makes dope songs and is just truly himself. I have loved all his music and supported him from the start. Troye has that nostalgia feel about his sound but always puts his own twist on it. The new song ‘Bloom’ is perfect for the Summer, so sweet! 

Flohio has so much energy and this track made me stop and pay attention!

She has been making music as her side job for a while now while she pays the bills as a graphic designer. I love her hustle and will be catching up on all the music I have missed. Enjoy WATCHOUT!

One of my fav songs right now, such a vibe!! Turn is up loud PLan B ‘Wait So Long’!

Ben Drew has done his own ‘Man Down’ but a less violent version lol!! He has fused his love for Sca and Reggae, this will sound so good live! Plan B has one of the best live bands and the show is always very special.

Amber Mark I love your voice and your cover of ‘Love is Stronger Than Pride’.

She has a stunning Soulful, Jazzy voice and managed to get Sade to say yes to covering her music which doesn’t happen often. Amber produces her own music and is so dope, get to know her better she has a ton of songs on Spotify and Youtube.

Murkage Dave has just spent time on the road supporting The Streets on their sold out tour!

I like the chilled vibe  of ‘You Always Ring Me When I’m Busy” it’s a cool track and is taken of his new album. He has worked with some awesome people including his mate Mike Skinner and Skepta.

Orkid and ‘So Rude’ is a total Pop Tune!! Don’t know much about this Swedish artist Matilda Melin but I do like this track! 

Aquilo boys are soon awesome! I discovered them about a year ago and fell in love with them and their debut project Silhuettes!!

The boys make beautiful music and have been touring loads!! Their new album ii is out today and I will be blasting is all day!! Support awesome British talent!

Finally sorry but I expected so much more Shawn and Khalid collab.

Come on they are both great writers and singers… this is just average??? Boys I know you can do loads better…

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  • Becca Casey

    Love xtina new song great turned up loud and defo not sure in the sia trio song not doing it for me thought when I heard they were bringing out a song together it would of been better then that and more catchy xx

    • Christina sounds sick!! Not a fan of LSD.. lol x

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