9th October 2017


How are you? Hope all is going well and you guys are all happy. Can’t believe it’s October already? Where has the year gone? I feel like there was so much I wanted to do and I’m not even halfway through. While I ponder that thought can I share what happened when I met Stefflon Don a second time  last week. To be honest it’s our third time meeting, we said ‘Hi’ briefly at a Sean Paul gig awhile back as she was leaving, she was cool then too.

This time around I headed to her studio, the place she creates her music with Producer Rhymez in the heart of London. Steff’s Producer is a bit of a big deal in the  music world too having created hits for Wiley and Little Mix. Also he was super cool looking after us and letting me annoy him blasting new music in his ears.

We were there early and Steff bless her was a little late. She was travelling and gigging the whole week, probably the last 6 months to be honest. I realised that when she arrived with her sister and looked tired, but gave big bear hugs as she applied her make-up and apologised.  She asked if she should keep her sunglasses on, actually she said ‘I probably shouldn’t right’ but I shouted ‘Go ahead it’s one of the things that as a musician you are always allowed to do, sunglasses inside whatever the weather’

That takes me back to a late night and arriving to work one morning at Capital about to interview John Newman. I was wearing my Rays to hide my tired ass, not slept yet face when I got told by most of the office ‘Take your glasses of Max, you look like an idiot’. My response was something like ‘But John is wearing his‘. Everyone else to me But he’s a Popstar he is allowed to’.

Still don’t know if I agreed with that point on the day but anyway I’m digressing way too much. Steff is a cool girl, one that is confident and seems to not hide behind anything or anyone.  Rolling with just her little sis and spending the day being interviewed by a bunch of DJ’s and journalists can sound like fun but it can also be longgggg and mean being asked a lot of the same questions, with you having to look like it’s the first time you heard that all day.

Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 21.10.37

I find Steff super genuine she doesn’t switch between 2 people or play up to the camera. I’m such a good judge of character now and totally can tell a fakey from a genuine person. I always notice how pretty her features are and I can’t help but think of Nicki when I look at her. It might sound like the obvious comparision but it’s hard not to notice the similarties between the two. Steff doesn’t try and look like Nicki, I just think the combination of her features and style is just similar.

Don’t get me wrong there is defo a tough badgal side to her though ( who hasn’t got that side) but I don’t think she is a mean girl. If you mess with her I’m sure she will clap back and other times say things and regret it later.

Reasons why she just can’t be a bitch in my opinion, you ready…..She never ever name drops and boy in her position she could. Drake’s name only get’s thrown into a convo when anyone interviewing her asks her about him.  She doesn’t diss other girls instead openly stands right next to the likes of new artist Raye and Mabel showing unity. Also I don’t see her out here fighting for the hottest famous man and acting like she is on another level.

Recently she has made some comments that I truly believe were taken out of context online. I have seen how people troll her and almost look for any reason to get at her. It’s better sometimes to not let a few characters rep what you are trying to say as it can be misunderstood. She is not perfect and I’m sure all the attention is overwhelming at times.  Don’t assume because she gives of this tough cookie vibe that deep down that shit doens’t hurt. Anyway I like her and find her super interesting,sweet plus musically she is making some tunes.

The video for our chat will be going live later this week but right now grab a cup of tea and hear us talk boys, girls, money, strippers, trolls …. oh and some guy called Aubrey.

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