11th August 2017

I’m currently blasting ‘League Of My Own 2’ by British artist Chip. When you are friends with somone it’s very hard to be impartial and not let your personal relationship influence your opinion BUT…. guys he has made a great body of work. We need to sit down and do a chat about everything he has gone through the up’s and downs to get to this point, his story is super inspiring!

I have always rated people for talent over everything else. Working in the music industry sometimes it becomes about who you are standing with and making money with rather then great music. For me though I’m the opposite I appreciate good music as much as good people. Chip is like a little brother who I have seen grow up and make good and bad decisions. The thing that makes him special is his heart, this guy lives for music and looking after the people he loves.


Hearing his dad on the opening track sending him a message of support made me feel emotional and also confirms where he is as a person in his life right now. The album is packed with moods, emotions and mostly I think clarity from Chip. He sounds comfortable and sure of his place within the culture, that’s not an easy thing to work out. It’s important to point out that he has reset his whole career independently with help from his manager/cousin super girl boss Ashley. Having good people around him during the last few years has really supported him to keep his talent and passion at the forefront.


Being super creative and coming across negativity can either break you or make you. He has defo been broken at times but is built like a soldier and always fully recovers and now is living in his truth. I don’t know anyone else that would have a tracklisting like this from features with new talent ‘Ella Mai’ and ‘Miraa May’ to legends like ‘Wiley and ‘Giggs’. Chip has also kept those original creators right by his side including Harmony Samuals and Loick Essien.


You know what’s nuts the wildest guy in Grime is actually the kindest, funniest and most talented! Don’t get caught up with all the bullshit, press play and let the music do the talking. Enjoy LOMO2!

Max xxx

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