10th August 2017

Fifth Harmony have just dropped a HUGE track ‘Angel’. It  has been produced by Skrillex and Poo Bear!

It’s good to hear the girls fully repping their vibez and personal influences. The vocals are on point and the video is hot!

Lauren, Dinah, Normani and Ally have also just announced details on their new album with the tracklisting below. It’s out August 25th and will be their first album release since Camila leaving the group.

It’s really important to remember all five girls can sing their asses off!  As most of you know I have a lot of time for Fifth Harmony and clicked with all of them from when we first met. I will say this I’m hoping that the four remaining members get even more empowered like Camila has and start taking control of even more of what they do. They have recently spoken about being more hands on creatively now and being even closer as friends.


Here are 4 amazing kind, talented, smart, stunning young women with a HUGH machine behind them. Their personal style and opinions I feel like is something that hasn’t been allowed to blossom naturally and sometimes I really don’t think even the outfits they rock truly represent them for who they really are.

I wish they could find a whole new style squad and create with a team and rock their individual vibes. Sexy sells I know that but a balance of talent and personality is just as important. When Lauren recently used her voice on issues like equality, racism and politics it has shown a side to her character that is super inspiring and important to share. Normani has also spoken out about being the only black woman in the group and how she has found being accepted and wanting to rep girls like her.

This is not me throwing shade but honestly sharing an opinion on four dope women who deserve to live out their dreams and be who they truly are. Love these girls energy and want them to find their own sexy, crazy and cool!!

Also they are just as talented as Camila, I remember watching them perform live and each girl was on point on stage, I couldn’t pick who I wanted to pay attention to. So I wish people would stop comparing, there is room for all of them and everyone else too.

Max xxx

babes 2

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