22nd January 2017

What is being Vegan and eating plant based food?? It’s a topic since last Summer friends have been mentioning and discussing with me. Well, it is exactly what is says, food that is grown from the earth or soil.


Some people do it for health reasons, others to lose weight while one of my mates who disagrees with eating animals is doing it for her beliefs.

I’m researching it now so thought we could discuss it on my blog. Any of you tried it or doing it?? Good points and bad points? ( comment section below)


Here is what I know, no meat, chicken, fish, dairy that includes eggs. Instead you are eating more greens, salad, kale, mushrooms, beans and veg. It isn’t as boring as it might sound you can also have chips, crisps and even specially made pancakes, but in moderation. I spoke to my mate Sarah this morning who has started a ‘Plant’ based food plan since the beginning of Jan. She sent me her food diary.


Porridge with almond milk and blueberries or strawberries with cinnamon if you choose.


Wholemeal bread with mushrooms, avocado and tomato. Coffee with almond milk.



Stir-fry vegetables with tofu and rice or noodles or pasta (carbs are allowed just not mega refined ones)

Salad with Ryveita and soup.



Lots of vegetables, salad with a spicy bean burger ( have a healthy carb to fill you up)


Vegetable curry.


Snacks wise: Bananas, nuts, satsumas, Alpro yoghurt, Appletiser drink, almond milk, dark chocolate, coffee… loads more too.

She did say to me the hardest thing was finding a substitute for milk for her coffee, but after trying out a few options she is now using a yummy almond milk. I use the same for my porridge, it’s lovely. 


On the plus size she feels less bloated and has lost weight alongside feeling much better in herself. I know Sarah exercises too so that defo helps with her overall mental and physical well being.

I find it super interesting and would love to try it for a month. I recently listened to a podcast all about the food we eat and how over 70 percent of what we buy at supermarkets like Sainsbury’s and Tesco’s has some sort of hidden sugar. Away from losing weight I think I want to look after my body more. I do leave in hair treatments for my hair, have pedis and manis for my nails but what about my body and my organs??


I love all bad food like chips, pizza, burgers and popcorn, but there are healthier versions of all the above. If a plant based food plan isn’t for you, just start eating less fatty foods and start adding more veg and salad to your plate. Also buy your fruit and veg from local markets it’s normally fresher and sometimes cheaper. Same applies for the meat and fish lovers out there check out your local butchers and fish mongers.

Think about what you are eating and how it makes you feel after. Have that burger you love but don’t get fries too. You fancy popcorn at the cinema buy a lower fat version to the one in the cinema and take it in your bag. If you hate drinking water put a bit of lemon or lime in it, I promise you it will help.

Let me know how you get on and any tips you want to share in the comment section below.

Check out these vids below with more on what you can eat and some ideas on recipes.

Love MAX 

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