13th October 2016

So yesterday I did something very stupid that I regret, I got into a conversation with trolls online. Why? Well, I harmlessly joked about Chloe Moretz liking Shawn Mendes’s rather sexy Vogue shoot. It was all in humour and Chloe and Shawn had both tweeted already about it.

Then to my shock I got attacked by trolls calling themselves fans of Shawn. Some of them are so obsessed with Shawn that the thought of Chloe liking him was like announcing war. They made comparisons between Chloe speaking out against Kim Kardashians’s nudity recently while she admired Shawn’s, looking for any way to fight!  Forget the point, who was right or wrong, what’s important is this…. NEVER EVER discuss anything with anyone that is rude, abusive and basically looking for an arguement.


It makes me incredibly sad to see some young girls in particular using their voice in such a negative destructive way. I made the mistake of thinking you can reason and even discuss with these trolls online. My dad, housemate and bestie all called me saying ‘Max you are better then getting into spats with rude ignorant teens on social media who have nothing better to do but obsess over pop stars’.


I know what it feels like to be totally obsessed with a musician, I adore Tupac, Beyonce and Frank Ocean…. But would I ever fight with someone over another celeb fancying them????? Absolutely NOT!! You don’t own them just because you buy their music or watch their videos. Enjoy the music but remember they are humans too, that date, go on holidays and eventually even get married.


We live in sad times that as humans we have lost respect and kindness towards each other. Feeling it’s ok to bash, name call and bully strangers for having a different point of view to the one you have is horrid. Bullying is heartbreaking and also incredibly unacceptable. By me not tweeting back and instead making my point on my blog in a respectful manner I am open to talking to like minded girls and boys even if their opinion is different.


I really believe that online bullying isn’t getting better and the government needs to intervene even more and start making arrests and holding people responsible and social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and Facebook need to keep looking at how to stop this from happening.

The sad thing is, it is more a teen problem and that makes it even more worrying. If we don’t educate them we are going to live in a world where the young who are the future instead of being exciting and enriched to create amazing wonderful things will destroy and live in fear of each other.

I’m a grown up and I feel very hurt by it, ‘Sticks and stones may hurt my bones but names will destroy my confidence and self esteem!’

Please think before you write that next comment and respect and be kind, your words are so powerful so use them in the right way.

Love Max x

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