4th October 2016

Karl lagerfeld has always been quite out spoken and Frank when sharing his opinion. Although I’m still getting over the cap disaster from yesterday, read below and catch up. I wasn’t quite ready for his opinion on Kim Kardashian being held hostage and robbed.

I have to be honest I totally agree with him, when you are that rich and wear jewels valued at over 5 million and decide to show them off on your snap and social platforms someone somewhere is going to sadly want your stuff.
That doesn’t make it right and take away from what an awful ordeal Kim has had.
Karl rasises an important point we have to remember people follow celebs and successful people online either in admiration or envy. At some point  you have to know when to stop sharing everything you do and have, otherwise it becomes everyone’s business to know everything about you and puts you at risk.


Privacy is a funny word these days but one that’s incredibly important to me. You can share your work and passion with others which I do through my blog, YouTube channel and social media but I keep some stuff for myself. Otherwise we all might as well sit at home with out laptops and live our lives through online and our followers.

Rappers are often targeting for wearing expensive chains and watches but even they have had to think about protecking themselves, a time and place for everything. The culture of rap music has always had an aspect of people showing of what they have so it’s not so much of  a big deal.
Hopefully Kim will be more aware of how to protect herself and hold back on showing off all that glitters online!

As you know I’m obsessed with Fashion and between LFW, NYFW, MFW and now PFW I literally have no social life!! When I’m not obsessing over the new collections and the models running the catwalk, plus the rather exciting front rows I do occasionally try and review the shows in my own fair way.


Karl Lagerfeld what have you done?? I have refused to read any reviews and be influenced especially by my fav girls over at Vogue!. I don’t understand why he has tried so hard to show he cares about the millennials and the future by throwing baseball caps on all these rather tailored stunning 2 piece Chanel outfits.

3 2

I don’t like the combination and think it looks a bit like Clueless the movie teamed up with some old TLC vids from the 90’s!  There is a way of doing street and this is not the right way. Mr L is an incredible designer but this is not good look for Chanel.

Wish he had used more robot heads.. lol and less caps! The shoes, bags and how colouful everything is I love, it’s just those caps!! 

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