4th September 2016

It’s Sunday and I have a new vlog to share with you!! Meet the lovely Kylie Griffiths, she is super silly and incredibly talented. Kylie is a stylist, an editor, a DJ and a girl-friend! I have no idea how she does it all especially the girl-friend bit, such a full-time job with no time off!

We are both DJ’s so I thought why not have a #Soundclash!! I decided to challenge us to picking a tune or whole album in my case to get down and dirty to! You know the type of music you get your sexy on to… LOL!

Kylie took it way back with Silk ‘FreaK Me’ what a tuneeee!! While I went with Miguel and his whole Kaleidoscope┬áDream album….!! Enjoy and let me know your fav track to get all romantic to!