20th July 2016


I love this quote by fashion guru Diana Vreeland… I only just discovered it and her thanks to ELLE’s fitness columnist who wrote a piece on being called ugly during an online stream yesterday ( which by the way she really isn’t)! Have a read it’s a real honest and truthful account of the bs we put up with as women!

Diana was a noted editor and columnist in fashion, working for the likes of Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue! She was quite the lady and incredibly opinionated.

Being pretty is something as little girls we all want to be, who didn’t want to be like Princess Jasmine in Aladdin or Cinderella growing up. I think from a very young age beauty was pushed in front of me as something important and valued. My mum was such a lady growing up always groomed, taking care of her skin and that whole less is more vibe. I always remember as a teen fighting with her about my choices of hair styles and oversized tomboy looks I felt happiest in. She wanted me to be pretty and feminine, sadly for her I was loud and boyish.

I think the way you grow up does define you as an adult but you can still change and evolve, I love feeling beautiful now and all girly, smelling great and looking after myself. However I’m still that same girl that wants to wear my hair natural in big curls ( god damn my fringe, makes it almost impossible) and a comfy hoodie!

I realise my friends and I are our own biggest critics comparing ourselves to literally unrealistic women all over our Insta timelines….We say we are comfortable in our own skins but it just takes that one bad photo to get us feeling insecure and obsessing over stupid shit.

Wouldn’t it be awesome not to take 20 of the same pics and put a filter on it??? I can’t even remember old-school days when your family would take pics on a big old canon and nobody would get picture approval before they were developed.

A friend of mine said to me recently she is taking more pics of scenery these days, beautiful places she has travelled to, yet I noticed every one pic that is like that, there are 3 selfies… lol!

I guess we are all works in progress and until we start accepting it’s us not them that make us feel the way we do in our minds, hearts and souls we will never really change.