25th April 2016

I have a Q please ?

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Yesterday I asked you what you would like me to feature on Flip Your Wig my new blog!! Your answers were interesting and cool, thank-you!  So alot of you want more personal stuff and I want to be able to share my thoughts and ideas with you.  But in return I would love you to do the same in the comments section below, that’s kinda one of the main reasons I wanted to do this.


My new blog has been a dream in my head for over 12 months, I’m such a perfectionist that I’m finding it frustrating that I can’t do everything I want to do straight away…. I know, I know ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’…. try telling my head that. 

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Being happy and comfortable in my own skin is something I’m working on. Sometimes in life you take a different journey to the one people expect you to but believing and surrounding yourself with inspiration and love helps you get there especially the times when it get’s too much and a little scary.

I have wanted to totally be open and share who I am away from my work and my so called public persona. Don’t get me wrong, who you see is defo a part of me. I’m totally obsessed with music to the point I’m a geek about it. I love entertainment and interviewing amazing cool people. But I’m also the girl that thinks about shit like personal happiness, relationships, time and the world we live in.

#TBT #lovebox arguing with Mark about him saying I had the look of “Nandos in my eyes”

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You ever sat in a room of tons of people and felt totally alone??? I have many times, not because I wasn’t around friends ( although sometimes that is the case) but more because I’m different, always have been I think. When I was little I would sit in my bedroom, dreaming and getting lost in MTV and pirate radio. I used to rip out things in magazines that I loved and hoped I would have one day and put them under under my bed…. such a weirdo …. never did get that Barbie house I wanted!! lol


I never grew up with that many strong women around me instead I had my dad, who worked his ass off and would still crack a joke and buy me those trainers that I knew he really couldn’t afford. I think it’s probably the reason I have more boys as friends then girls, bit of a tomboy at heart.  He worked 2 jobs but still managed to make family time??? How I have no idea…it’s soooo flipping hard to balance everything.

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I have always looked up to strong women in the public eye from Oprah, Beyonce, Jessica Alba and Cassandra Gracey. They are all women who have been successful and not given up plus they do it with total class. Women with power that have kindness and change the game. I wanna be that girl who follows her heart and doesn’t let anything or anyone stop her happiness and achievements. Also having great people to share the experience with and support each other makes it so much more enjoyable and worth while.

He’s back 7pm #Capital @charlieputh

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People label each other so much, look around you… when you look at social media, Instagram?? Twitter? Facebook and now Snapchat?? Why are we all really doing it??? To fit in?? To matter? To get likes? Make new friends? or because we actually enjoy it??


I think for me all these platforms although I don’t have a Snap or Face… (don’t shoot me) for me it’s been mostly through wanting to interact with you… people that are interested in what I do and support it. That blows my mind and I will never take it for granted.

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I get told ‘Max you should have more Insta followers, you are hot, do what other girls do pose in a bikini….”

I kinda sometimes laugh at this stuff, I do love dressing up and occasionally do post pics in bikinis when I’m on holiday but is my timeline packed of it??? Hell noo!! Getting likes and followers WTH and standing for nothing in your real world, is that cool??

Carvellas vsDm’s ?

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I want us to all start being honest and being present in the real world. Go to a gig and watch most of it, only take a couple of pics and vids to share. I’m guilty of doing this, because in my head I want to share what you may not be experiencing and support the person I’m filming…

In the case of Ellie Goulding at the 02, I was so proud of her and seeing her journey as a strong, smart beautiful woman rocking out to 20,000 people made me incredibly happy and inspired and I wanted to share that. But Ellie is the first to say put down your phone and fuckin enjoy life.

I have so much I want to do and since I left Capital which has been a huge part of my life it’s made me realise how much I love what I do but how important my friends and family are too. You learn quiet quickly people that come into your life with an agenda. What can you do for them? Not how can we help each other and just be mates!!

these gals …,sometimes you gotta take a minute to enjoy the giggles and ignore the bullsh*t

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#Awks this guy is funny and turned the interview on me!

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Kanye made a song about it ‘Real Friends’ in this industry that I have chosen to be in trust me when I say 90 percent of people are insecure and have motives… don’t put your time into fitting in and being part of anyones squad. I know it’s hard sometimes being different, standing out, feeling awkward but in the long run you will be happier and attract like minded beautiful amazing weirdos just like me.

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  • Good for you Chloe. It’s defo a journey, but once you are comfortable in your own skin you are winning xxx

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