1st April 2016

I’m so excited to finally share the new project I have been working on over the last few months. It’s been such a busy time for me working for Capital, doing my shows and recording interviews! I barely have time to get a blowdry let alone creating a brand new BLOG!! But I did it with support from my 3 best mates, who kept reminding me not to forget my passions and most importantly live my dreams into reality…

Everything I do with my time I want to love and enjoy as much as possible. Sometimes we all get a little lost and forget to follow our hearts and take our brains with us… ( I pinched that quote from some random cool gal on insta)

I have wanted to do my Blog for over a year now and totally wanting to get lost in my Youtube channel too https://www.youtube.com/user/thisismaxtv!

max 2

You ever feel like time is running away from you and life is just like groundhog day?? It’s how I have been feeling, so taking the plunge and doing Flip Your Wig is scary but so exciting. I love being a Presenter, DJ but also love Blogging and Vlogging, so I’m going to attempt to do it all ( fingers crossed)!

My new Blog is called ‘Flip Your Wig‘ … why that name?? Well it means to be free and do what the hell you want, thought it was perfect for how i feel right now in my life.


I will be sharing the things that I’m into and talking to people I love on my Blog You know me I love doing interviews that are interesting and entertaining with people that matter to us, but also I want to make ‘Flip Your Wig‘ a place for you to talk to me and share your opinions on stuff. It feels like there is no place for us to talk, share and inspire each other.

When you tweet me https://twitter.com/ThisIsMax or leave comments for me on Insta https://www.instagram.com/thisismax/?hl=en there never seems to be enough characters to write back and keep our conversations going.


The comment section was so important to me when designing my Blog with my team so please share your thoughts and get involved. You lot that have supported me from the beginning and the new ones this is our place to enjoy and talk. I want to say thank-you for helping me live out my dreams, your support and sweet messages mean everything to me.

I filmed a Vlog explaining more…. ready … steady… ‘Flip Your Wig’ is here!

Max x